Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Second half of 2014

Assalamualaikum. Masya Allah! It's been half a year since my last ranting. Updates? 4 kids going to school (Year 4, Year 2, Year 1, Kindy Level 1) and surprise surprise, baby no. 8 is on her way. Yes, HER, In Shaa Allah. Ramadhan (fasting month for Muslim) is just around the corner, less than 2 weeks. I really can't wait for that holy month to come though it would be a challenge to fast while 6 months pregnant, but needless to say, it's baby no.8! Experience is the best teacher. So, quick recap on what happened through out the first half of year 2014; twice vacationing in KL (one horrific experience of hives/allergic attack at the hotel that I stayed), baby no.7 started to walk at 11 months (she was born premature but she is a fast learner and now she's 13 months), Delisha (no.4) gets number 2 in her class for her semester exam (it was a big surprise, even her teacher was shocked because she is such a stubborn girl and will cry every time I asked her to study, Dayana (no.1) gets number 8 in her class and also number 8 out of the whole year 4 students (you go girl, show the haters that what we fought for last year was worth every action!), Danish's (no.2) left eye degree increased dramatically (375/3.75) and it's worrying me, though his paed said that it is something that can't be control if it's hereditary (both my eyes now are 500 degrees, though I was supposed to do LASIK last March but something funny and blessed happened - will write a post about it).
Will update more, In Shaa Allah.

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