Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Simple Diva Colorful Steam Cup Cake (Apam Polka Dot)

Assalamualaikum to all of my readers and a very good morning. I made this steam cupcake yesterday and this is my very first time using this instant steam cupcake flour that I bought from KS Tan. I went to the branch at Piasau Business Park. I also bought small cupcakes paper that costs RM20 for about 60 pieces. The result was marvelous though my steam cupcake doesn't look nice because I was super rushing because of baby Desheya's crying. It's quite time consuming having to do all the color thingy but definitely worth it seeing the children eating the cakes happily. The original recipe calls for the instant flour, 3 large AA eggs and 400 ml water but I change it to instant flour, 3 large AA eggs, 200ml water and 200 ml milk. It's so fluffy and satisfying. So, enjoy this new discovery of mine and bake it like no one's watching. Enjoy!

Simple Diva Colorful Steam Cup Cake (Apam Polka Dot)

1 packet of Bakel's Steam Cupcake Mix
3 large AA eggs (200 ml eggs, if you're using small eggs of other grades, use the weighing scale to get the exact 200ml weight)
200 ml water
200 ml milk (if you don't have milk in stock just use 400 ml water)
Coloring (Use star brand to get nice colors)

1. Beat eggs using high speed for about 2 minutes.
2. Add in water and milk and beat again for about a minute.
3. Add in the cupcake mix and mix well.
4. Divide the batter to colors of your choice and pour the batter 2/3 inside the cupcakes paper using your creativity.
5. Steam for about 5 minutes depending on your heat and size of cupcake.
6. Enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea or even milk!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paratha Roll with Dhall and Cheese

Hot paratha on the pan

I got this idea from Hot and Roll at Bintang Mega Mall, Miri. My kids love to eat the parathas and crispy crepes but for me, I LOVE the parathas. I asked the staff where do they they get the parathas from and they told me that their parathas are specially ordered from KL. One of the staff told me to look for the parathas at any supermarket but I have to choose wisely in order to get the exact parathas like them (fluffy and not too chewy). I've tried Kawan's parathas before but the taste does not resemble the Hot and Roll parathas. So, I went to Boulevard hypermarket last Sunday and bought Lazat's parathas because it's on promotion price! One packet which consists of 5 parathas plus free dhall is only RM4.59! I bought 2 packet only because I'm not sure whether it's delicious or not. So, today I cooked the paratha which only takes about 2 minutes and gave the kids as their provision to school and made myself one hot Diva paratha roll with dhall and cheese. And to my delight, it tasted AMAZING! Hehehehe... NICE and YUMMY! And what makes it so superb is that you can do this within 5 minutes! It's nice to be eaten while it's hot and of course with a cup of black coffee (I'm drinking AA coffee that I bought from Boulevard hypermarket which is freshly ground on demand and it taste so nice and so aromatic).

Diva Paratha Roll with Dhall and Cheese.

1 packet of Lazat's Paratha with dhall

Cheese of you choice (I'm using Kraft's Shredded Parmesan, Romano and Asiago Cheese)

1. Cook the paratha as per instruction on the packet. As for me, I grilled in on a non stick pan (I bought for only RM15 at Ikea), each side for about 15-20 seconds, depending on your stove's heat.
2. Pour the dhall as much as your want, for me I pour 3 tablespoons, on the paratha sheet.
3. Sprinkle the cheese as generously as you want.
4. Fold two times into a triangle.
5. Ready to be eaten hot with a cup of coffee. YUMMY!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cencaluk Diva

OMG! I can't believe that I actually make Cencaluk! Successfully! Hahahahha.. My hubby bought 3 kg of bubok for RM10. I was so worried seeing these beautiful bubok because I don't know what to do with it! I make some fritters and I was thinking hard of what to do then I had this idea of making cencaluk. I never make cencaluk, so I tried to google for the recipe. The recipes was very weird because it calls for the using of rice / porridge's water. So, I called my sister in law, Halisa and asked her to ask her mother on how to do it. Her mother told me to mix bubok and cooking salt with a little bit of sugar. That's all. She told me that if I am not hygienic enough or not adding enough salt, the bubuk will turn bad and full with maggot. I was so afraid for my precious bubok and after 2 days of waiting, the outcome was successful. Hooray! Alhamdulilllah! Cencaluk is nice to be eaten with raw vegetables such as long beans or any ulam-ulaman.
So, here's the way to make cencaluk diva style!

Cencaluk Diva

2 kg of bubok
Half a packet of cooking salt (just a small packet, I used half a pack of Himalaya Rock Salt that costs about RM3.20 per packet)
4 tbsps sugar

1. Mix everything well with a ladle.
2. Keep the cencaluk in a bottle and line the cover with a piece of paper before covering it.
3. Keep it in room temperature for 2 days and if it started to produce some water and no sign of maggots, then your cencaluk is ready to be eaten! Then, you can keep it in the fridge.

How to eat cencaluk?
1. Mix 4 tbsp of cencaluk with 6 limes (dice the lime and squeeze the juice), 1 tsp of sugar, and any amount of chillies that you want.

2. Eat it with raw cucumber, long beans or any vegetables that you want or simply eat it with hot rice. Oh so yummy!!! :)

Kek Belang Harimau Diva (2nd version)

This is my second version of Kek Belang Harimau. The first version that I post uses Nestum and this is the original version of the cake. Enjoy!

Kek Belang Harimau Diva

450gm butter
1 cup sugar
6 tbsp condensed milk
10 eggs
2 cups flour

Brown layer: 1 cup Milo
                     Chocolate coloring

Orang layer: 1 cup Horlicks
                    Orange coloring

1. Beat butter, sugar and condensed milk till creamy and fluffy.
2. Add in eggs, one at a time and continue to beat til well mixed.
3. Add in flour and mix well.
4. Divide the batter to two bowls, one bowl mix with Milo and chocolate color and the other bowl mix with Horlicks and orange color.
5. Bake the first layer using upper and lower heat at 160 degrees celcius and the next layer til finish, use upper heat. When the layers are all finished, bake for another 30 minutes using upper and lower heat while covering the cake with aluminium foil.
6. Cool the cake first before cutting it and always remember to preheat the oven!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bully in the making

Look at the first picture. That is my Dayana's drawing for her art class. But if you look again very carefully, you'll notice that someone wrote improper and rude words. In case you can't read it, let me tell you what the words are; Pepe* and Kamu makan bab* bab*. The girl who wrote these is an Iban girl sitting in front of Dayana. She even wrote the P word on Dayana's desk. I was waiting for that girl named Julia in her class this morning when I noticed a book with writings which you can see on the second photo. This really pissed me off when I read it! I was so angry and when I saw the girl (everybody in the class knows that I'm waiting for Julia and they pointed Julia to me when she entered the class) I asked her to read what she wrote on Dayana's drawing book. She just kept silence at first and when I demanded her to read it out loud, she read it with a whisper. I asked her why she wrote those words and she just kept silence again. I asked her whether Dayana had done something wrong to her, she shook her head. I asked whether Dayana had ever say any of the words to her, she shook her head again. Then, I show her the second book that she wrote. She bit her lips. I asked her, what is that? She kept silence. AGAIN. I asked her if she have any problem with Dayana being a Muslim and not eating 'the b thing', she shook her head. I told her that this is the kind of thing that will make you turn out to be a racist and a bully. I told her that she can't continuosly saying that to Dayana and she have to respect Dayana and other Muslim students who doesn't eat that thing. I even asked her if she wants to eat that right now, I'll go and buy for her! She shook her head. I also scolded her for writing the P word on Dayana's book and desk and told her that the P thing is a discreet thing and should just be keep inside her panty and not on other people's book or desk. I even talk to her in Iban to make sure she understands everything that I say. I told her, if she keeps on doing this, she'll be a very big bully and will always be in trouble. I told her that I will talk to her parents and the teacher and she shook her head. I asked her to rub those nasty words and she did. I can see that she was raised in an improper surroundings because of her shabby appearance. She maybe neglected by her parents because some of the other parents told me that the girl is naughty and when she arrived at the class, she just throws her back and roaming around til the bell rings, then she'll come back to class. They also told me that the girl doesn't perform very well in her studies and also get scolded by the teachers.
My point in this case is I don't want my daughter to learn bad words from her friends because at home, we never say those words. If any adult at my home accidently cursing or swearing the bad words, I'll tell my children that those words are bad and rude and I'll chilli the person's lips (this is to show them how bad those words are). My second point is, I want my daughter to see that these kind of attitude will grow even worse and make the person becomes a bad person in the future. I told her that we need to respect other people's religion and their beliefs and never argue with them about their religion's teaching because religion is a sensitive issue. My third point is I don't want my daughter to be a bully victim and makes her scared to go to school. I want her to know that I will do anything to protect her. This also goes the same with all of my children. I believe that if every parents do their best in bringing up their children, there will never be a problem of racism or other negative things (yes, we can see the best example from the viral video about the KFC at iCity).
On my way back to my car, I stumbled with Dayana's teacher. I tried to look for her the first thing when I reached school but she haven't arrived yet. I told her about the incident and show her the proof and she promised to take action. I hope that this incident will be a very good lesson for these students. PEACE NO WAR!
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kek Lapis Betawi Diva

The original color of this cake is plain (the color of the batter) but I add in pink color as per requested by my children. The taste is distinctive because of the special 'rempah kuih'. I bought my rempah kuih at Brunei and it is quite pricey because it's imported fron Singapore; $2.95 for a 15g bottle. This is also my first time of baking a Kek Lapis with baking powder and cream of tartar. I was sceptical at first but after looking at the marvellous outcome of the came, this cake is definitely going to be one of my favorite and I'll bake it for this coming Hari Raya, Insya Allah. Before you try this making this cake, I would like to remind you that it needs extra work, unlike the normal cake lapis but the process of 'melapis' is super easy.


300 gm butter
150 gm castor sugar
6 tbsp of condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
14 egg yolks

Beat butter with sugar and condensed milk til white and fluffy. Add in vanilla essence and egg yolks, one at a time while beating it continuosly til it's well mix.

7 egg whites
150 gm castor sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

In a different bowl, beat egg whites til it's foamy. Add in sugar and cream of tartar and beat it for about 5 minutes or until it's fluffy but please don't overbeat it. Then pour this batter inside the butter batter and mix well.

200 gm Hong Kong flour (normal flour will do)
2 tsp rempah kuih
1 tsp baking powder

Add in all flour, rempah kuih and baking powder into the butter batter and mix well.

Lined a 8" x 8" tray and do the first layer with 4 tbsp of batter. Use upper and lower heat for the first layer and after it's brown and cook, add in the second layer, also 4 tbsp and use upper heat through out the last layer. When all layers are done, cover the cake with aluminium foil as to prevent the top layer from being too dark and cook it for about 1/2 hour using upper and lower heat. All laywr cake uses 150-160 degrees celcius heat.

P/S: Always Remember to preheat the oven using upper and lower heat at 150-160 degrees celcius for layer cake.

I divide my batter to 2, one is plain color and one is pink color. You can skip this by making this cake with its original color of the batter or even change the color that you like.
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