Thursday, July 28, 2011

One of The Many Faces of Famine in Somalia

Famine Seven month old Mihag Gedi Farah is held by his mother in a field hospital of the International Rescue Committee, IRC, in Dadaab, Kenya, July 26, 2011.
Schalk van Zuydam/The Associated Press

Look at the photo above. It makes me so sad that tears were streaming on my face last night after reading the news. It is so cruel to let this poor baby dying of starvation when we can easily eat anything and EVEN WASTE any food! I am looking forward towards Ramadhan, the month of fasting, next week because besides being one of the things that we should do in our Rukun Islam, it indoctrinates man in patience and selflessness, as through fasting, he feels the pains of deprivation but he endures them patiently. You can read more on fasting here. Lots of people sigh when they know that Ramadhan is coming and they tend to eat many foods before Ramadhan comes. I hate this kind of people because if they know what the children in Somalia (and other ill fated countries) are enduring, they should be grateful with everything that Allah had given them.

The news of the photo above:

DADAAB, KENYA Seven-month-old Mihag Gedi Farah is the frail face of famine in the Horn of Africa. He stares out wide-eyed almost in alarm, his skin pulled taut over his ribs and twiglike arms.
At only 3.2 kilograms, he weighs as much as a newborn but has the weathered look of an elderly man.
Mihag is just one of 800,000 children who officials warn could die across the region. Aid workers are rushing to bring help to dangerous and previously unreached regions of drought-ravaged Somalia.
Famine victims like Mihag bring new urgency to their efforts, raising concerns about how many hungry children still remain in Somalia, far away from the feeding tubes and doctors in the field hospital at this Kenyan refugee camp.
Mihag’s fragile skin crumples like thin leather under the pressure of his mother’s hands, as she touches the hollows where a baby’s chubby cheeks should be.
Sirat Amine, a nurse-nutritionist with the International Rescue Committee, puts Mihag’s odds for survival at only 50-50. A baby Mihag’s age should weigh about three times what he does.
His mother, Asiah Dagane, fans Mihag with the edge of her headscarf to keep flies away. He cries weakly, and when he does, she bounces him gently to try to soothe him and murmurs softly.
“In my mind, I’m not well,” she says softly. “My baby is sick. In my head, I am also sick.”
Mihag is the youngest of seven children in his family. Dagane told The Associated Press through a hospital translator that she brought him and four siblings from Kismayo to Kenya after all their sheep and cattle died.
Like the tens of thousands of other Somalis fleeing starvation, the family travelled sometimes by foot, other times catching rides with passing trucks, cars or buses.
Dagane keeps vigil for her son in the ward, which is painted with cheerful pictures of balloons and fruit, lit with fluorescent bulbs. Other mothers huddle on beds next to babies with IV tubes snaking from their heads or hands.
Some infants cry, others are listless. In the middle of the room hangs a woven basket from a scale — but it’s not needed to tell that many of the babies are dangerously malnourished.
Abdi Ibrahim Yara arrived 20 days ago with his four children, including 1-year-old twins. They are unable to drink the fortified milk and must be nourished by an IV.
He and his wife were on the road for 25 days, but she became sick from malnutrition and died. She was four months pregnant.
“We had a comfortable life there, but now there is no one left,” Yara says.
Nurse Abukar Abdule says all of those arriving at the field hospital complain of “severe malnutrition.” Most have walked from the middle of Somalia, between Kismayo and the capital of Mogadishu.
“We have to treat them for at least a week,” Abdule says. “They have no food, shelter or water. Some have diseases. Some died on the road and some were lost. Many mothers who come here have lost children.”
The United Nations estimates that more than 11 million people in East Africa are affected by the drought, with 3.7 million in Somalia among the worst-hit because of the ongoing civil war in the country.
Somalia’s prolonged drought became a famine in part because neither the Somali government nor many aid agencies can fully operate in areas controlled by al-Qaeda-linked militants, and the United Nations is set to declare all of southern Somalia a famine zone as of Aug. 1.
Aid organizations including the UN World Food Program have not been able to access areas under the control of the al-Shabab militants, who have killed humanitarian workers and banned the WFP.
The UN has said it will airlift emergency rations later this week to try to reach at least 175,000 of the 2.2 million Somalis who have not been helped yet.
The new feeding efforts in the four districts of southern Somalia near the border with Kenya and Ethiopia could begin by Thursday, slowing the flow of tens of thousands of people who have fled their homes in hope of reaching aid.
But the WFP hasn’t operated there for more than two years and must find and rehire former employees to help with distribution. Transportation is also a substantial obstacle because landmines have severed key roads and a landing strip has fallen into disrepair.
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization said a co-ordination conference would be held Wednesday in the Kenyan capital.
Donations are also desperately needed to sustain the aid effort in the Horn of Africa: The UN wants to gather $1.6 billion in the next 12 months, with $300 million of that coming in the next three months.
At the Kenyan refugee camp, Mihag’s nurse takes his measurements and describes him as “severely, severely malnourished.”
“We never tell the mother, of course, that their baby might not make it,” the nurse says. “We try to give them hope.”

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diva Popia Nestum

I made this for my kids while they play inside the inflatable pool. This is my first time making it and the outcome is awesome! I decide to make it for this coming Hari Raya.  Enjoy!

                     Diva Popia Nestum

1 packet of popia pastry, big size (the best brand is FIGO - give it a try and you will know why)
1 egg - beaten and set aside
2 cups nestum - blend
1/2 cup horlicks or milk powder
1/2 castor sugar
A straw
A pair of scissors 

1. Mix blended nestum, horlicks or milk powder and sugar inside a bowl and put aside.
2. Take one piece of popia pastry. Then, put a straw at the first end of the popia pastry. Make sure to leave the straw a little bit outside of the popia pastry.
3. Roll until it's about 5 cm of the end of the pastry. Use a pastry brush to brush egg at the end before you finish the roll of the pastry. Then take out the straw. Put aside.
4. Roll all of the sheets until finish. Then, use a pair of scissors to cut all of the pastry roll slanting.

5. Fry them just like you fry normal popia but be careful not to burn them.
6. Drain the oil with kitchen tissue paper.
7. Put the fried popia inside an air tight container (I use tupperware) and pour the mix of nestum, horlicks/milk powder and sugar on the popia.
8. Close the container and give it a shake but then shake them vigorously or you will break the popia.
9. Ready to be eaten. Yummy!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Children's Famine In Somalia: AN EYE OPENER!

I was reading the online news when my eyes caught the headline that read : Children Famine in Somalia. I cried looking at the pictures of small children, who where so malnourished that they don't look like a human at all. For photos, you can go to the UNICEF page. This is a message from UNICEF Executive Director, David Bull:

Dear Supporter,
I am writing to ask for your support in moving the news agenda on.
The story about phone hacking does matter, but there’s another, far bigger and vital story that’s going under-reported.
This morning, the United Nations formally declared a famine in parts of southern Somalia. 
Right now, today, children in East Africa are facing a desperate crisis caused by prolonged drought, soaring food prices and conflict.
This is the story that matters most. This crisis is getting worse and we need to act now, to save lives.
Children and women are the most vulnerable.
More than 2 million children under five in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are acutely malnourished, including almost 500,000 children who are suffering from life-threatening severe acute malnutrition. 
UNICEF is the main provider of ready to use therapeutic food in all three countries, but we desperately need more funds in order to help us reach every child
If you agree that this is the story, help UNICEF to do more, right now. Please donate by visiting this page or clicking on the red donate icon on the top-right of this page. 
Whatever you do, please make saving children’s lives the story. 
Thank you.
David Bull is the Executive Director of UNICEF UK.

Feed the needy

As a mother, it hurts to see these children in Somalia, dying from hunger where as we are so lucky to eat at anytime we want. I couldn't imagine if my children had to go through this situation and I pray to Allah that nothing bad will ever happen to my children and I aslo pray for those children in Somalia. I hope that anyone who read this post will do anything that they can do to help those children in Somalia. Just like the tagline in UNICEF page : Denying child rights is wrong. Put it right. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cencaru Bakar with Sambal Diva

This is what we had for our lunch today. It's so yummy and delicious! This is my first attempt on making this kind of sambal for the grilled fish and it tasted superb!

                                Cencaru Bakar with Sambal Diva

4 ikan cencaru - cleaned then mix with a little bit of turmeric powder and grill with a little bit of oil

For the sambal:
2 stalk of serai - blend
1 bombay onion - blend
5 cm ginger - blend
1/2 tbsp turmeric powder
1/2 tbsp chilli powder
1/2 cup water
Salt and sugar to taste

1. Cook everything in a pan.
2. Add more water if you want it to be more liquid-y.

To assemble:
1. Pour the sambal on the grilled fish.
2. Serve hot with rice.

Kuah Kacang Diva

I made this kuah kacang last night to be eaten with Nona's Ketupat Palas for our breakfast today. This is my very own version that is very simple yet so delicious you wouldn't even notice that it doesn't need any fancy ingredients! All of my kids really love to eat it and it's always been a hit to my hubby's palate! Enjoy!

Kuah kacang


1 packet of Nona's Ketupat Palas - can be bought at any supermarket and cook as instructed at the packet
500gm peanuts - buy the peanuts that had been de-shell and bake it in the ovenn til brown at 190 degrees celsius then blend it coarsely
1 tbsp of chili powder
3 stalk of serai - cut into small pieces then blend it finely
1 bombay onion (big red onion) - blend finely
Salt, sugar - to taste (I use Maggi Cukup Rasa to substitue the salt and it's easier to get the exact taste that I want)
 2 - 3 cups water

1. Saute blended onion and serai til fragrant. Add in chili powder and stir again.
2. Add in peanuts and stir. Never leave the peanuts unattended or it will burn!
3. Add in water. Stir it continuously.
4. When it's boiled, add in salt and sugar to taste.
5. Stir it until it's thicken to your liking and turn the heat off.
6. Serve with ketupat palas or even bread.

Serve with ketupat palas

Kuih Mengkuang Diva

I love to eat this kuih though I don't know what's the exact name of it and my mom had taught me how to do it. My mom is a Chinese and I found out that I love Chinese's food more than Malay's food. This kuih is really nice but you have to be patient to make it but the taste really make all effort worth it! I made it yesterday for our tea time although I injured my knee after being knocked by my 4th daughter, Delisha. Enjoy!

The kuih

                                       Kuih Mengkuang Diva

For the pastry / kulit:
2 cups flour
2 eggs - beaten
4 cups water or more 

The pancake-like-batter

1. Mix all the together to form a pancake-like-batter.
2. Cook it just like you're making pancakes. Make sure it's thin.

The filling

For the filling / inti:
1 medium size mengkuang - shredded and drain the water out of the mengkuang using a muslin cloth or any kitchen towel
2 carrots - shredded
1/2 cup dried shrimp - blended
4 cloves garlic - blended
Salt, sugar and pepper to taste

1. Cook everything in a pan.

To assemble:
1. Roll the filling inside the pancake pastry just like you're doing normal popia.
2. Enjoy it at any time of the day. The best comforting food for me which reminds me so much of my mom.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Disgusting Old Town Kopitiam Miri

It's beens a few weeks since Old Town Kopitiam first open its business here in Miri I was quite excited as to have a new established franchise in my beloved city, Miri. So, yesterday, after picking up hubby from work, we went to Oldtown. We chose to sit indoor because there were many people smoking at the outdoor side. There were about 4 empty tables left and the other customers on the other tables had already eaten their meal. I was thinking that we won't have to wait for long for the food but my thoughts were wrong.

The first thing that I noticed as soon as we sit at our table was there were so many flies and even mosquitoes! How can this be because we were eating inside not outside of Boulevard Shopping Complex building! I mentioned it to one of the waitress and she simply acknowledged and answered that they don't know what to do about the flies. I asked them why don't they use the electric insect trap but she just shrugged her shoulders. Then, the second thing that I notice was a strand of hair inside the bamboo steamer of my hubby's steamed bread. The third thing was how they leave cooked meal unattended on the counter at the back, waiting to be served by the waiters and waitresses. Nobody cares about the unattended meals even though every time a meal was ready, the cook will ring the bell. And guess what? The last thing that pissed me off was having to wait for our order for more than half an hour! I constantly have to urge the waitress to go and check for our food and the answer was always,"Wait for a second". I was so angry waiting for my daughter's Nasi Lemak for 40 minutes that I followed the waitress to the cook and I asked the cook about the nasi lemak.

He told me to wait for another 5 minutes and I asked them to just cancelled the order. Suddenly the cook said,"Ah, here's the nasi lemak. It's done!". What kind of bullshit are they playing with the customers. If it's not for my daughter, I would surely just leave the nasi lemak and refuse to pay it.

A strand of hair on the bamboo steamer
While waiting for the meal, I tried to asked the help from the supervisor but he looks like he's blur about everything and he just call any waiter or waitress to attend me. I wonder how he can fill the post as a supervisor. Besides that, whenever the waitress sent the wrong order to any table, they themselves will look angrily at the customer even though we said it nicely that the food are wrong. I don't know what their problem. If they can't handle serving people, they might as well try to find other job that doesn't require them to serve people! Such low mentalities doesn't deserve working at an established franchise!

One of the flies
At last, I bought fish burger at Sugarbun to cure my disappointment. I don't know what else to say about Oldtown but the management should look further and take this matter seriously before they have any problems concerning to customers's health (the flies and the unattended meal) and I hope that Majlis Bandaraya Miri will have a look at the premise's cleanliness.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Disgusting Incest News

I was reading online newspaper and I was kind of shocked to see two news of incest (sumbang mahram) today just in one newspaper. It seems like incest is getting common in our society especially in Muslim society itself. According to Wikipedia:

Incest is sexual intercourse between close relatives[1][2] that is illegal in the jurisdiction where it takes place and is conventionally considered a taboo. The type of sexual activity and the nature of the relationship between people that constitutes a breach of law or social taboo vary with culture and jurisdiction. Some societies consider incest to include only those who live in the same household, or who belong to the same clan or lineage; other societies consider it to include "blood relatives"; other societies further include those related by adoption or marriage.[3]

Incest is illegal in many jurisdictions. The exact legal definition of "incest," including the nature of the relationship between persons, and the types sexual activity, varies by country, and by even individual states or provinces within a country. These laws can also extend to marriage between subject individuals.


The Quran gives specific rules regarding incest, which prohibit a man from marrying or having sexual relationships with:
  • his father's wife (his mother,[74] or stepmother[75]), his mother-in-law, a woman from whom he has nursed,[74]
  • either parent's sister (aunt),[75]
  • his sister, his half sister, a woman who has nursed from the same woman as he, his sister-in-law (while still married to her sister),[74]
  • his niece (child of sibling),[74]
  • his daughter, his stepdaughter (if the marriage to her mother had been consummated), his daughter-in-law.[74]
The main differences (apart from relationships between a man and his daughter) are:

  • a woman from whom he has nursed
  • a woman who has nursed from the same woman as he
  • niece

Hadith also prohibits marriage to a woman and her parent's sister at the same time.[76] The same applies for a woman with the male counterparts to the aforementioned.

This is a serious matter because a lot of incest cases are usually a form of child abuse because most of the victims are children . This is saddening because the crime is committed by their own paternal father, though there are cases committed by the stepfather. A father is suppose to be the keeper and the leader of his family not someone who ruins the future of his family especially the children. I'm very disgusted by the incest news that I don't think I can respect men without them showing their true colors. 
So, to all mum and wives out there, take care of your children. This doesn't mean that you should accuse your husband of doing something illegal but know your husband inside and outside. And to those who are not yet married, discover the real man out of your soon-to-be-partner before moving on to marriage. May Allah bless us all with good spouses and happy family. Amin.

2 years old : The toughest age of a toddler!

Having to raise 5 kids (and no.6 on tow) by ourselves (hubby and me), I found out that 2 years old are the most toughest age to conquer! Why do I say that? Just try my no.4, Delisha. She is 2 1/2 years old. She can be the sweetest girl you've ever met and yet she can be such a monster when she's temper! I have to remind myself that she's an innocent little girl every now and then, especially when she's in a bad mood. She'll cry, screaming non stop until her tears dried when she quarreled with her siblings. When she's bored, she will disturbs her other siblings especially my no.3 child, Darwisyah who is 4 years old. They constantly fight with each other and they end up crying together, louder and louder til even the my baby Darwish (1 year old) can fall asleep watching them fight!

Every time Delisha saw her father (my hubby of course), she will bully him by non stop nagging and crying saying that she wants this and that or she's hurt here and there or simply by saying that she wants to be pick up! She's 13 kg and you can imagine how tiring it is to bring her here and there! But, when she's with me, without my hubby's presence, she's definitely OK and doesn't give any problem at all! I can't leave her playing with her siblings without my presence around or I will have to hear her screaming and shouting and crying and every time I asked her siblings about what's the problem, they will answer that Delisha herself are creating the problem.

She will stop if I scold her but she doesn't care at all if her father says anything! So, my hubby always have to ask me to stop her from doing anything that's improper. This really stresses me but she only gives problem when I'm not around. It's not that I leave her to go somewhere, it's just that sometimes they play together in the living room or playroom while I'm doing some other chores like having to dry the clothes or cooking.

The funny thing is, she always offer herself to help me when I'm folding the clothes. When she's doing it, I always look at her and wonder to myself, is she the same person who always give tantrum? I don't know where to turn to for advices about a 2 years old, so, I'm so glad to come across because this website has been helping me understand much much better about raising kids along with their stages of age.


Your 2-year-old now

A child this age wears her heart on her sleeve — and in her voice, her fists, her stamping feet, and her crocodile tears. You seldom have to guess about a 2-year-old's emotional state. Expressing emotions is healthy, even when they aren't happy ones. So don't feel you have to rush in to placate your child at the first pout or sad sniffle.
Let your child know that it's okay to be unhappy sometimes — it's simply part of life. Swooping in to vanquish the unhappiness sends the wrong message — that it's not okay to feel sad or mad. Solving every problem for your child also robs her of the opportunity to work through her feelings on her own.
What you can do: Label her feelings for her. "You're so mad at Mommy because she said no park today!" Let her know you have the same feelings, too, sometimes: "It makes you feel sad when we say bye-bye to Grandma. It makes me feel sad, too." If your child screams or hits when she's angry or upset, show her acceptable ways to vent her emotion, like punching a pillow or stamping her feet.
Two-year-olds do test limits and disagree with parents, of course, but they're also developing more of a desire to please you. They want to be good! They want to help! Routines and consistency in your responses help your child learn the ropes and keep everyday life running smoothly.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Matters of the Heart

I bought this book last March and didn't get a chance to read it. It was written by Danielle Steel, my most favorite author, next to Judith McNaught, Nicholas Spark and Sophie Kinsella. It only took me 2 days to finish it because the story was so great that I only read it at night, so that I won't be disturbed by the kids whilst reading the book. It felt like I was watching a movie, every time I read a great book.

The story was about a woman falling deeply and madly in love with a sociopath. She didn't know that he was a sociopath until she discovered the lies that he had told her, one by one. I won't give anymore details as I don't want to ruin other people's reading this book.

After finishing the book last night, I quickly googled about sociopath criminals and I was shocked to find out that there are so many sociopath criminals in this world particularly in the U.S! I gave a deep thought on some crime cases in Malaysia, especially those on kidnapping, sexual abusing and murdering children, and I can see the pattern of a sociopath killer in these cases. Not that I'm some kind of a detective but, if you read this book and make more research on sociopath criminals, you can see what I meant.

According to wikipedia:
sociopath is somebody who exhibits sociopathy, who behaves in a way that suggests a lack of conscience. Unlike the average human, a sociopath does not feel any sense of guilt or remorse when committing morally wrong actions or actions that their society deems unacceptable. Because of this utter lack of fear for the sanctions of society, sociopaths take advantage of the social system and use manipulation and amoral behaviors to obtain their goals. The types of behaviors they exhibit are those that would make someone with a conscience uncomfortable.

The target of a sociopath is usually those people who are lonely and easily trusting other people, no question asked. And with modern technologies like internet and social networking, there are more and more victim of sociopath, due to the excitement of meeting new people especially from other countries. My best advice is, please be careful when meeting new friend, especially virtually because a sociopath is not someone to be mess around and they are usually undetectable!

Immoral attitude!

Yesterday, we went to Bintang Megamall to buy some toys for the kids. After finish shopping at Toys'R Us, I told my hubby that I needed to go to the toilet at level 3, Parkson. As I was checking out which toilet that I want to us, I was surprised to see a used diaper was being left on the floor next to a squatting toilet bowl! If I'm not mistaken, it is a Mami Poko Pull Up Diaper Disney version and it is quite pricey. Judging from that, the diaper must have been left by someone who is quite rich because the price of that brand of diaper is not reasonable for ordinary people like me. In my opinion, this case shouldn't be happening because rich people have some kind of high mentality. Or maybe the helper (amah) done it. But still, it is not appropriate and very much disgusting. Never in my entire life of being a mom had done that kind of thing. If worse come to the worse, I would simply put used diaper in a plastic bag and try to find the nearest dustbin or I just dispose it at home.

While I was washing my hand, there were several Parkson staffs gossiping about the diaper. It seems like they also have the very same opinion with me about that immoral attitude. A few minutes later, a cleaner came in and the staffs told her about the diaper and even the cleaner was mumbling about her dissatisfaction about that kind of bad behavior. It's not that there's no dustbin inside the toilet!

So, moral of the story, everything you do reflects on what kind of parent you are. If you want to be a good role model to your kids and even to your society, THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Diva Sweet and Sour Prawn with Pineapple

This is what I cooked today for lunch. There is nothing much left in the freezer so this is the best meal I can pull for lunch today.

                           Diva Sweet and Sour Prawn with Pineapple.

500gm prawn - de-shell the prawn but leave the tail intact
1 big onion - sliced
1 ginger - sliced
4 chillies - sliced
Some pineapple depending how much you like - chop
2 tomatoes - chopped
4 tbsp of thai chilli sauce
4 tbsp of tomato sauce
Cukup rasa / salt to taste

1. Sautee onion, ginger and chillies til brown and fragrant. 
2. Add in pineapple and tomato. Stir for a while.
3. Add in prawn and stir again.
4. Add in Thai chilli sauce and tomato sauce and season it with cukup rasa or salt to taste.
5. Turn off the heat when it's just cooked. Don't let the prawn to overcooked!
6. Serve hot with rice. Yummy!

Diva Vermicelli Carbonara

I made this for our lunch last Sunday, as I was looking for a simple lunch due to busy making and packing Crispy Popia Seaweed which I was going to sell at the Prison Department. This recipe is so simple yet nutritious and suitable to be eaten by kids. Enjoy!

                         Diva Vermicelli/Angel Hair Carbonara

1 packet vermicelli / angel hair (I use San Remo)
1 can of Nestle Cream (medium size)
2 pieces of beef salami
1 lean chicken breast - cubed
3 cloves of garlic - chopped
Olive oil
Cukup rasa / salt to taste
1/2 cup water
1 can of button mushroom - diced
2 pieces of cheddar cheese
1 tsp sugar

1. Cook vermicelli as per instruction on packet. Strain. Put aside.
2. Heat olive oil. Sautee garlic til brown and fragrant. Add chicken breast and beef salami. Let it cook for a few minutes.
3. Add in cream, cheddar cheese and water. Stir well. 
4. Add in mushroom and let it boil.
5. Season it with cukup rasa or salt to taste. To balance the saltiness, add 1 teaspoon of sugar.
6. Serve the vermicelli with sauce while it's hot.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jang Keun Suk Craze!

OMG! That's all I can say about this new craze that I've just discovered about 3 weeks ago. I'm not a big fan of K-Drama (Korean) or K-Pop whatsoever. The only Korean actor that I like is Lee Byung Hun when I first saw his drama called Beautiful Days. The next drama that I like is All in and Iris, also acted by Lee Byung Hun. I do watch Winter Sonata (it's impossible to say that I don't watch that drama because Winter Sonata is such a hit nationwide but I'm not that crazy with the story).  As for other K-Drama, I watched it on and off and I don't quite follow the story until last 3 weeks. I was scrolling the channels in the TV on Saturday around 6.40pm when a handsome actor caught my eyes. His character is not the elegant type, his kinda cold and rarely smile the first time I saw the drama but I couldn't tolerate with the series because it's being translated to Mandarin Language. I quickly googled about the actor and the drama was called Marry me, Mary!. It is also known as Mary Stayed Out All Night, and the actor is Jang Keun Suk.

Jang Keun Suk

I read about him in Wikipedia and I saw that he is younger than me by 5 years, he's 24 this year. WHen I tried to look for his drama and movie online, I just couldn't accept his acting when he was younger than 22 years old because he looks so childish. I decided to give You're Beautiful a try, and I was not disappointed by the drama. Surprisingly, even my hubby accompanied me watching the drama right from the first episode right til the end for 4 nights! Wow! After finishing You're Beautiful, we watched Itaewon Murder Case. Then, we watched Marry me, Mary and I just finished watching it about 4 days ago. Right now, I don't have any other movie or drama from Jang Keun Suk to watch because the drama and movie was acted by him when he was younger.
Jang Keun Suk had just released a single this year, a Japanese song called Let Me Cry and it's great! I've even made it as my phone ringtone. I'm waiting for his new movie called You're My Pet that was expected to be release end of this year.