Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bidayuh Bukar-Sadong (serian)

I'm in the mood of googling about my grandma's native language an I've across this blog: He listed some of bidayuh bukar sadong's words with their meaning:

Good Morning - Silamat Burupagi
Good Evening - Silamat Bingaru
Welcome (Selamat datang) - Silamat Mandug
Nice to meet you - Silamat bidapud

Boy/Men - Lelaki - Dari
Girl/Women - Perempuan - Dayung
Other people - Orang lain - Inya bekun
Foreigner - Orang luar - Tami
Orang - Na'uh
Old - Tua - Tuuh
Olderly - Orang Tua - Namba tuuh
Adult - Orang dewasa - Namba (married people)
Youth - Remaja - Bujang
Children - Kanak-kanak - Anak inya
Baby - Bayi - Suwe

When? - Bila? - Wang manih?
Who? - Siapa? - Asih?
Where? - Dimana? Apih?
What? - Apa? - Anih?
Why? - Mengapa? - Manih?
How? - Bagaimana? - Mung anih?

0 Zero - Kosong - Kusong
1 one - satu - Indi
2 two - Dua - Duwuh
3 Three - Tiga - Taruh
4 Four - Empat - Mpat
5 Five - Lima - Rimuh
6 Six - Enam - Enum
7 Seven - Tujuh - I-ju
8 Eight - Lapan - Mehi
9 Nine - Sembilan - Piri-e
10 Ten - Sepuluh - Simuhung
11 Eleven - Sebelas - Simuhung Indi
20 Twenty - Duapuluh - Duwuh puru
21 Twenty one - Dua puluh satu - Duwuh puru indi

*Puluh = Puru

Others like hundred, thousand, million and billion same as in the malay language.
(Ratus, ribu, juta, bilion)

It's a shame for me, to have a Bidayuh origin but doesn't know how to converse in its language. Neither in Hakka. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Good Laugh

I was so bored to death because all of my children are sleeping. I tried to finish off my novel but not in the mood of reading. Makes my eyes so sleepy because have to turn off the lights, the kids are sleeping. So, I went to  avery good translation website, a Malaysian base, where you can translate Bahasa Melayu-English, English to Bahasa Melayu, Chinese and Indonesian Language. The website is

What did I do at the website? I tried to translate Bahasa Melayu proverbs to English. Some are well translated, true to the meaning but some are translated directly word by word. Here are some of the translations that makes me laugh till I cough badly (this is purely for the purpose of fun and entertaining only, not for studying or serious purpose):

Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan - 
Alang-alang groping pickle, let reach to upper

Bagai kacang melupakan kulit -Like bean forget skin

Bagai bunyi cempedak jatuh -Like jackfruit sound fall

You can try it on your own, just for laughs!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Madeleine Wickham

Now, I'm reading Cocktails For Three by Madeleine Wickham, also known as Sophie Kinsella. I bought the book before I gave birth to my fifth baby but still not yet finishing it because the story line was a little bit slow compared to her Shopaholic Series. I still have one more of her novel waiting to be read, The Gatecrasher (it's my sisters). I'm hoping to finish Cocktails for Three as soon as possible.

Anyway, Sophie Kinsella's newest novel fron her Shopaholic series is out, Mini Shopaholic. Can't wait to read it but have to wait for my birthday next month because I've ask my sister to buy it for me as a birthday present (such a bully!). Hahahahah... to my dearest sister: I think you don't have to wait for my birthday! Just send it over (she's working in KL).

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ayam Percik

Yesterday, I cook ayam percik for lunch. I've searched numerous recipes from internet and magazines, and this is my own version that i've created. It's very easy and the taste is MARVELOUS!!!


Bahan-bahan: 4 ketul paha ayam (chicken thigh)
                       5 cm kunyit hidup (turmeric)
                       5 cm halia (ginger)
                       Sebiji bawang besar (big ionion)
                       Sebiji bawang bombay (big red onion)
                       5 biji cili padi atau cili biasa (chilli)
                       2 sudu makan gula (sugar)
                       Garam (salt) - secukup rasa
                       Serbuk perasa Ajinomoto (seasoning) - secukup rasa

1. Kisar kunyit, halia, bawang besar, bawang bombay dan cili sampai lumat. perasakn dengan gula, garam dan serbuk perasa.
2. Bersihkan paham ayam dan lumurkan bersama bahan kisar tadi. perap selam sejam atau lebih.
3. Bakar dalam ketuhar 200 darjah celcius sehingga masak (kira-kira satu jam). Pastikan ketuhar dipanaskan secukupnya terlebih dahulu.
4. Sedia dihidangkan bersama nasi panas.

Happy cooking!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


This song was taken from the korean series BEAUTIFUL DAYS (Lee Byung Hun, Choi Ji Woo). It is so touching.... I remember those days when my bestfriend, Anchu Tan and I run after finishing our class in UTMKL just to watch this series. How I miss those days back then.

The Soloist (2009)

I watched The Soloist (Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey Jr.)  with my hubby last Friday and the movie is GREAT even though I was asleep at the end of the movie because it was nearly 2am. Anyway, I love the soundtracks because it was taken from Beethoven's musical pieces (I'm listening to Beethoven Symphony No. 5 1st Movement as I'm writing this post). Really love the movie!!! Btw, Robert Downey Jr. is hot!! But, my hubby is even hotter! Owww!! 

Baby's Language

Last 2 years, I was watching The Oprah Show when I came across the episode discussing about baby's language and miraculously, I've tried it and it worked well with my 2 babies; Delisha (06.01.09) and Darwish (04.06.10). I hope this can help other mom, regardless you're a first timer or not. Good luck!
Tips: be alert and lots of practice!

Dunstan Baby Language is a claim about infantile speech patterns and language acquisition in humans. The claim is that across cultures and linguistic groups there are five sounds, each with a meaning, that are used by infantsduring the beginning of the language acquisition period. The hypothesis was developed by Australian former mezzo-soprano, Priscilla Dunstan, and has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.[

Words (sound reflexes)

According to Dunstan, the five universal words (or sound reflexes) used by infants are[3]:


I'm hungry - An infant uses the sound reflex "Neh" to communicate its hunger. The sound is produced when the sucking reflex is triggered, and the tongue is pushed up on the roof of the mouth.


I'm sleepy - An infant uses the sound reflex "Owh" to communicate that they are tired. The sound is produced much like an audible yawn.


I'm experiencing discomfort - An infant uses the sound reflex "Heh" to communicate stress, discomfort, or perhaps that it needs a fresh diaper. The sound is produced by a response to a skin reflex, such as feeling sweat or itchiness in the bum.


I have lower gas - An infant uses the sound reflex "Eairh" to communicate they have flatulence or an upset stomach. The sound is produced when trapped air from a belch that is unable to release and travels to the stomach where the muscles of the intestine tighten to force the air bubble out. Often, this sound will indicate that a bowel movement is in progress, and the infant will bend its knees, bringing the legs toward the torso. This leg movement assists in the ongoing process.


I have gas - An infant uses the sound reflex "Eh" to communicate that it needs to be burped. The sound is produced when a large bubble of trapped air is caught in the chest, and the reflex is trying to release this out of the mouth.


Easy Sambal Goreng

For lunch today, I cook sambal goreng and stir fry prawn with mushroom. Here is the recipe for the easy sambal goreng for those who wants to eat home cook simple sambal.

Ingredients: 3 Big onion (bawang besar)
3 Big red onion (bawang bombay)
1/2 packet of chilli paste (cili boh)
1 tablespoon tamarind juice (air asam jawa)
Seasoning (the best umami flavor is Ajinomoto)

Blend 2 big onions with 3 big red onion. Stir fry with some oil until cooked, then add in chilli paste and tamarind juice. Stir well then add in sugar, salt and seasoning to taste. Serve hot with white rice.