Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In Memories of Beloved Grandma (December 1928 - August 2011)

My beloved grandma (my mum's mother) had just passed away at around 1.30pm today at Serian Hospital, Kuching because of old age illness. Her name is Margaret Burak anak Likin. She's a Bidayuh Bukar Sadong and she's a Christian. We never see religion as an obstacle in our family relationship and in fact, we are very close to each other. Every week, we will chat on the phone and every Chinese New Year (her husband who is my grandpa, is a Chinese) or Hari Gawai, we will go back to Tebakang, Serian to visit her.

She doesn't like her photo to be taken

She'svery lovable and understanding grandma. She's very active, doing all sort of things including the common activity of the Bidayuh highlanders like harvesting hill paddy, harvesting black pepper and others. She doesn't have any illness due to her healthy lifestyle and eating. She had gone through a very hard life during her younger days because her husband died when my mom was about 5 or 6 years old. She had to raise 4 children by herself, by doing other people's laundry, rubber tapping, cooking for dormitory school and she even suffered during the Japanese war.

With her great grandchildren, my children

My grandma is so full of life and she shared so many stories to me. She loves us purely and unconditionally, never thinking about our different religion. She always remind me to take care of myself in order to be able to care for my children. Among my children, she loves Danish (my second child) the most because she can't forget how thin and small Danish was when he was a toddler. She thought Danish was constantly sick that resulted the thin features but when I explained to her that Danish is a very healthy boy but not with a big appetite, she was very relieved and every time she saw Danish, she will force him to eat and eat. But now, growing up, Danish has a really big appetite! Alhamdulillah.
I pray that her soul will rest in peace. I love you so much, my dearest grandma. Your advices, your guidance and our memories will always be kept in my heart.

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