Thursday, May 3, 2012


I laughed when I read this news because I've wrote 2 posts about BRUNEI HALAL GOLDEN CHURN before and for the record, I continued using Golden Churn butters that I bought for my baking, which are way much much cheaper than here from Malaysia. Besides, Brunei's Halal certification are known as one of the best among other countries in the world and I don't have any doubt about it. In Malaysia, yes. There are so many doubtful things because Malaysian are easily blinded by money, rank and power. My conclusion is that Malaysian authority and public needs to be educated more on this kind of matters. Not just making assumption and baseless accusation, without taking other people's / countries opinion and saying.


Golden Churn butter from New Zealand confirmed halal

KUALA LUMPUR: Golden Churn canned butter, previously declared by state religious authorities as non-halal, has been confirmed to be halal.
The company expressed gratitude to the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia — Jakim, Johor Religious Department and Sara-wak Islamic Religious Department for the successful verification inspection to the Ballantyne Foods Pty Ltd New Zealand factory.
Back on track: Workers of a kek lapis Sarawak company arranging their product in this file pic. The iconic Sarawakian cake took a hit when Golden Churn butter was declared non-halal but through various efforts including that of the government, the product is making its comeback.
“The inspection confirmed that the Golden Churn canned butter complies with Malaysian halal standard as per halal certificate issued by NZ Islamic Processed Food Management, an ap-proved halal body by Jakim,” Ballantyne Foods Pty Ltd said in a press statement yesterday.
The statement said the company had a proud heritage of providing quality butter to Malaysian consumers spanning over 100 years, saying quality was always a priority from the start to the end of all processes.
“The Ballantyne Company has always — and will always — highly respect our social responsibility to our Muslim consumers worldwide. As such the halal certification for our Golden Churn canned butter is a non-negotiable priority.”
With the successful verification process, Golden Churn canned butter is now available in the halal sections of all Malaysian food retail outlets. The verification process was carried out after state religious authorities declared the butter as non-halal after it was discovered to have purportedly contained pig DNA.

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