Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby no.7

This is my 7th pregnancy (suppose to be my eighth pregnancy because I had a miscarriage with baby no.2) but I have a very funny story related to this newest addition of my brood.
My first day of period on September was on the 26th. It was heavy because I'm still breastfeeding Desheya and it stopped after 6 days. But a day later, I notice some spotting, which is brownish in color. It doesn't have any smell and I assumed that it was due to my breastfeeding hormone. It continued for a week.

So, after 2 weeks of the first day of my period, I started to feel lightheaded, dizzy and nausea. I blamed it on my blood pressure because when I checked my BP using the Guardian's blood pressure monitor, it reads 103/75. Then, I started to feel the urge to go to the toilet to pee almost every time and it is accompanied by pain at the lower abdomen! I was so scared that I started to think that I'm having either diabetes or kidney problem! I googled every where and I feel so devastated. Finally, on my birthday (17th October 2012), that is about 3 weeks after my first day of period, I told my husband about my situation and guess what? He calmly replied,"Maybe you're pregnant." I denied it because it wasn't impossible because of my current period situation. Regardless of my denial, I went and do the home pregnancy test and it turned out to be positive not even a minute after doing it! I was so shocked! I told my husband and he laughed.

At that time, I was thinking how impossible it is even though I've read about other women who continued to have their period even though they're pregnant. I was assuming myself to be at least a month or less pregnant when suddenly last Monday morning (28th October), my pantyliner was soaked with tea colored blood. I was afraid that I might miscarriage the baby and I quickly went to see my ob/gyn. I told him everything and he said he need to scan the baby first to make sure if I am actually pregnant. Up to that time, I 've done another 2 pregnancy test and it makes 3 of them and all of them are positive.

So, after applying the gel, my ob/gyn, Dr Lee from Dr JL Lee Women Specialist Clinic at MCMC started to scan and guess what? We had the surprise of our lives when the baby turn out to have heartbeat and it is very strong! When he measured the baby, it is 7 weeks and 6 days into gestation weeks. My jaw dropped and I said this couldn't be happening and Dr Lee said,"How can you tell this is not happening when you can see the baby's heartbeat blinking strong on the screen?". He gave me injection to prevent miscarriage and my husband and I was so happy with this newest addition to our brood.

And so my fellow reader, up til today, I feel so silly for not being able to realize about myself being pregnant. I noticed that I've gained some weight but I blamed it on Hari Raya celebration. Hahaha.. Thinking about this story, I can still feel the shock of knowing how far along pregnant I actually am! By the way, my EDD is on the 11 June 2013. Hopefully everything goes well, Insya Allah. Amin.

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