Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Power Of Doa (Pray)

Assalamualaikum and a very happy day to all readers. As some of you noticed, I've disabled my blog for a week since last week, after my blog had been trolled by someone who introduced himself/herself as a teacher from MARA. He/she trolled my blog after he/she unsatisfied with my action of fighting for daughter's right at school. I won't discussed this matter here in my blog because it's quite sensitive and I've learned my lesson well from that matter. True colors of people, people whom you think will support you in many ways, will understand you the way you want them to understand, are sadly not reflected by their words, just because they didn't get the idea of what and why you are fighting. Enough of that matter.

Power of Doa (Pray). After the incident, I never lose hope of praying. When you lose hope, no matter what religion you are, remember that our God is always right here with us. Pray. Talk to him. Cry if you want to. You'll be surprised of what will happen. You'll be very glad that even though sometimes it doesn't happen like the way you want it to, you will feel a very huge relief, sweeping all your fears and doubts in your life.

As to the hater whom I'm pretty sure is struggling to find a way to troll my blog, I don't have a problem with you. You have a big problem with yourself. I'm not afraid of you. Find your own way to upgrade yourself, your life, and to you it may seem that my blog is nothing, but to some of my fellow readers, my blog is for them to learn something. It's a way of sedekah / alms, from me to them.

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