Sunday, December 1, 2013

Diva Durian Crepe

I've been watching this famous durian crepe being so popular for almost half a year now. Though it was sold expensively (to me), people still buy it because of the so called heavenly taste. Durian in Miri is quite expensive, selling as high as RM20 per kg! I was very tempted to do the famous durian crepe but never get the chance of doing it, because of the high price of the durian. But yesterday, we have lots of durian, so today I made it for breakfast! Oh-so-heavenly-taste-and-of-course-waist-expander! Hehehe.. This crepe needs skill. The skill of cooking the crepe so that it won't burn. I see that most people (in their blogs) do the crepes first before putting the durian and cream and folding it. But I'm used of making Chinese's kuih sengkuang and Malay's Kuih Jala Berinti, so I just simply assemble the durian crepe right away, one by one, while making the crepe. Please take note that the batter of the crepe is very light so you need to take the pan from the stove while pouring the batter on it, and make sure to cook the crepe MAXIMUM for a minute, below a minute is best. This is the original recipe but I double it to get 20 pieces.

Diva Durian Crepe

1 egg
200g flour
1 tbsp starch flour
2 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp melted butter
200 fresh milk / evaporated milk
1 tsp yellow coloring (or any color that you like)

Durian flesh
Whipped cream (I use Top Pride ready to whip whipping cream)

1. Mix all of the ingredients for the crepe. Whisk till smooth. You can just blend it if you are too lazy.
2. Put one big ladle of the mixture on a non stick pan that has been heated at a slow heat. Make sure not too over cook it.
3. Put 1 tbsp of durian flesh and 1 tbsp of whipped cream and fold the crepe in rectangular shape.
4. Ready to be eaten and enjoy the smoothness and heavenly taste of the crepe!

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