Monday, March 24, 2008

How to instantly reduce the appearance of your stretch mark

I got this trick from Halley Berry. Before she goes to the red carpet, she'll scrubs her body with grinded coffee to instantly reduce the appearance of her stretch marks.

I've been pregnant with 3 babies and you can imagine how my tummy looks like.. Hehehehe.. it's called a forever permanent memoir of being pregnant. I've tried numerous products but not really working. So, I tried the tips by Halley Berry and guess what? My skin becomes smooth instantly and the stretch marks looks like they've been erased! Although the effect IS NOT PERMANENT but still I am very satisfied with the results.

You have to use coarse grind coffee (not the fine one like cap ahmoi or kapal api or pasar ikan miri) like the one u'll get when you buy grind coffee from Starbuck. My brother is the Store Manager of Starbucks at Kuching International Airport so I get loads of coffee from him.

Just try it for yourself!!! Good luck!

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