Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear iMac

Wow... I had quite an episode with my iMac last midnight. I was deleting some photos and at the same time, my iMac was updating itself. Suddenly, I accidentally moved thousands of photos on the desktop instead of dragging it successfully into the trash bin! You can imagine what happen! For those who are using Mac will get what I meant, before I managed to do anything, the Mac restarted itself for completing the updates. Here's when everything goes wrong!
After it restarted, my iMac suddenly freeze. It doesn't respond to any of the mouse or keyboard commands. Even the clock froze! At first, I panicked! Then, I grabbed my Blackberry and googled everything from the accident-of-dragging-the-photos to software updates. Most people came across frozen Mac after updating certain updates on their Mac. Regarding the photos problem, the desktop was fully loaded with thousands of photos (even though each of the photos is only 29kb in size, just thumbnails), it managed to crash the Finder application. I've restarted so many times, I even followed one of the advice to reinstall the OS! After waiting for almost one hour, the installation completed but the problem still persisted. Then, I remembered about my hubby using his iPad to remotely access my songs in iTune, so I googled for any free remote access program. I found TeamViewer but the problem is that I still need to be able to install it in my frozen iMac to enable the accessibility from the iPad.
I decided to use one last way, that is by getting the iMac to start in Safe Mode. I press the 'shift' button to enter the Safe Mode and at last, my Mac's finally responding a little bit. I can open Chrome browser and from there, I tried to googled for Terminal command to do something about deleting the heavy files on the desktop. I managed to hide the icons on the desktop first, this is to enable the Finder to unfreeze itself, due to the heavy loading of thousands of photos. Then from the Finder, I open the Desktop and delete the unwanted files and tadaaaaa, problem solved. I unhide the other applications on the desktop such as games and my iMac is still kicking alive right now. Terminal is Command Prompt for iMac as it is for normal Windows. So, here's the codes for hiding, unhiding and even clearing everything on your desktop! Before you do anything, you have to be sure of what you are doing, or else, you are risking of wiping out important files clean from your Mac or PC! As for me, I really love doing troubleshooting for computers and it has been my passion from the last 10 years.

Source: http://macs.about.com/od/usingyourmac/qt/cleandesktop.htm

I'm so sleepy so you guys can read more from the link, above.

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danish said...

no wonder i noticed you sitting in front of the computer till morning last night.... go ge some sleep b4 you colapse afterward