Friday, January 7, 2011

First attempt of making home-made bread

It's been 3 weeks since I ordered Cosway's Empress bread maker and finally, it arrived yesterday. I was the first customer to get my hands on the bread maker as the Cosway stockist owner is a good friend of mine (Pujut's branch). We got the bread maker around 5pm and we didn't plan to buy anything to make a bread. was so confident that I have the right stuff needed to make a bread in my kitchen but to my disappointment,  you need to use high protein flour and I only use that kind of flour to bake biscuits during Hari Raya because I was told once by a baker at K.S.Tan Bakery that when you bake biscuits using high protein flour, you'll get a very crispy-mel-in-your mouth biscuits. Luckily, I have protein powder which I drank to lose the post-pregnancy-baby-fats and I made my own formula for the high protein flour. Recipes are included in the box of the bread maker and it's very easy to make a bread out of it because all that you need is to weigh everything according to the recepis, accurately, and let the machine do it wonders. Wow, the bread was super amazing but the texture was a little bit dry because of my self made high protein flour. Hahahahha.. I bought the bread maker using my RP points plus RM267.90 (if I'm not mistaken).


nel said...

Hi Diva,
Did you follow the recipe by cosway or u modified it.Thanks :)

diva_mieza said...

i did it according to the recipe provided with the machine.