Friday, January 7, 2011

Online Scam, Fraud and Crook!

I noticed that after posting an entry about a girl that killed herself scam, I noticed that my friends in Facebook still click on the link that had been passed to them about that poor girl that doesn't exist at all! Are they being just plain stupid or ignorant about these scam thingy? Maybe they think that my blog is not worth reading but it's okay. That's up to them. I'm just doing my part on spreading every knowledge that I have to other people because in Islam, you get merit on every single good thing that you pass that will help other people's life.
I read this article from Reader's Digest October 2010 entitled Cyber Thieves and besides the usual tips such as don't use the same passwords and user ID's for multiple sites and don't use you mother's maiden name as a security question, these other tips are very intriguing and good to know:

How to protect yourself from cyber thieves:
1. Do hold your cursor oven an unknown link before clicking it. Look at the bottom of your web browser and you will see the actual link that it's taking you to.
2. Do note the wording before the last period of a URL (just to the left of .com, .org, .edu, etc). It's what counts. So, is legitimate but is fake.
3. Do look out for links with the @ symbol. Browsers ignore everything TO TE LEFT of it, so is not a PayPal site.
4. Do watch for deliberate misspellings like where it is designed to trick you into clicking.
5. Create passwords that are at least 8 to 16 characters long with a mix of of capital letters, numbers and symbols. They're harder to crack.

My advices are don't simply click any link that people are giving you and if you see that lots of people are posting the very same link with dramatic caption, it's likely a scam. Be alert. Stay safe.

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