Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Most tiring and energy zapping job in the world

Whew... It's been almost 3 weeks of schools and my days were gone with a snap on my fingers. Snap! Just like that. Why? I'll tell you why. The first week was not so hectic because my sister in law who stays with me helped me with house chores and with the kids. But Last 2weeks, She got a phone call from SMK Riam to be a temporary teacher which she gladly accepted. I also agreed that she accepted the job because my brother (her husband) only works as a Prison Wardar with the Prison Department of Malaysia grade K17 and this doesn't offer much on his salary. Their only son, Hadi, is having a severe dermatitis and needs special care because up to this point, he is allergic to chicken, eggs, all kind of sea produce, dairy products and others which can keep the list going on for quite a while. This really costs more because they have to find special milk and food for him or else it will triggered the allergies and make him scratch to bleed. I myself have dermatitis problems but it's contact dermatitis, where it is mainly cause by contacts with harsh detergents, some seafoods and air pollutant.

The problem with Hadi is he is still breastfeeding and he is 15 months old, so they (my brother and his wife) leave him to me to take care during their working hours. They roughly arrived around 2.30 to 4.30 pm everyday. My days are routinely goes like this:
4.45am - making breakfast, cook porridge for baby Darwish and Hadi
5.10am - shower and perform Solat Subuh with Dayana, nursing baby Darwish
6 am - preparing Dayana for her school
6.15am - see Dayana goes to school and sweeping the living room plus mopping
7 am - preparing Danish for his kindy
7.20 am - waking hubby up and watching both of them go off to kindy and office then attending Hadi, if he wakes up
8 am - 8.30am - attending the other 3 (Delisha, Darwisyah and baby Darwish), making milks, nursing, bathe them
8.30am - 9am - doing the laundry
9am - feeding breakfast to all 4 of them
9.30am - nursing Darwish and playing with him
10am - cooking lunch, doing laundry
11 am - spending some times to the 4 of them and making sure they take their nap if they are sleepy.
12 pm - bathing Danish, ready lunches for both hubby and Danish
1 pm - bathing Dayana, ready her lunch
1.30pm - checking both Danish and Dayana's bags for homeworks, waiting for them to finish it off
2 pm - nursing Darwish, lull him to sleep, folding clothes
3 pm - spending some times to any 6 of them or all of them together
4 pm - making dinner, bathe them for pyjamas time
5 pm - taking out the rubbish, cleaning the kitchen
5.30pm - waiting for hubby to come home form office, shower, drink some coffee
6 pm - listening to the kids stories, problems or complaints
6.30pm - 7pm - gathering my own kids to my room, taking some time off with the internet
8 pm - making sure Danish and Dayana go to bed
8.15pm - continue with some time off for myself, laying down, doing some reading while nursing Darwish
10.30pm - 11.30pm - get ready to sleep then zzzzzzzz

These roughly summarized my daily activities and I can assure you that nothing is more tiring and energy draining than doing this job of mine. I've lost 2 kg and my elbow and ankle are both swelling and aching. But life has to go on, I chose to be a housewife and a mum to 5 kids (and still counting), so all that I can say is, I enjoy doing it though sometimesI can't help myself from complaining it to my kids and hubby. I love my family but I hope sometimes, hubby can see how tired I am and do something about it, like giving surprise or treat to me. Hahhahahah.... In my dreams... .. :)


mich said...

super mom!!! i enjoy your posts as a dedicated housewife.. keep it up!

sexy_diva8272 said...

thanx mich! but still the scheduled that i post is not complete. There's cleaning their poo or pee. Imagine, 6 kids!

Puan Isah said...

Hi there emiza :) thanks for following my blog. You have a nice blog here & I have enjoyed reading some of your v own recipes. I like them original & simple :)

That was a handful, imagine you looking after 6 kidos plus housework & nursing, I can imagine that :)

Anyway, am following you and hoping to hear some more of your great stories!

sexy_diva8272 said...

thanx puan isah.. heheheh... blogging is just a way for me to relief my stress and a way for me to record pieces of my daily activities as memories, without having to grab a pen and a diary. Btw, i also enjoy reading your blog because it is so 'mum-sy'.. My mum passed away 5 years ago so it's quite comforting to read something from another mum... Take care!