Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home made yogurt

I've bought Easiyo Yogurt Maker 4 years back and at that time it only cost RM79 per unit. I have 2 units and I was surprise when I was about to buy a unit for my friend's wedding and found out that it cost double of the original price! My oh my! The same goes with the yogurt premix. At those days, I can easily buy a packet of Easiyo premix at RM10.90 - RM12.90 but now it cost RM16.90! I stopped using the maker because I didn't have any recipe for making cheap yet delicious yogurt until last month, when my cousin came to our house and told me that she got a recipe for making yogurt that is cheap, delicious and fast. I've made 4 kg of yogurt using the recipe and it never fail to please me! In order to make this recipe, you have to own a yogurt maker. It's very easy to use where you only have to pour boiling hot water into the maker and let the maker do its magic. With this recipe, I can easily get 1 kg of yogurt under RM10!! Wah lau! Unbelievable!!!

                                   Diva Home Made Yogurt

900 ml Marigold Pasteurized Milk
1/2 cup icing sugar / 5 sachets of Equal sugar
1 small ready-to-eat yogurt of your choice

1. Pour milk, yogurt and sugar into the bottle and stir well.
2. Prepare everything with the yogurt maker.
3. After 3 hours, refrigerate the yogurt for few hours and it's ready to be enjoy! Nice!

Easiyo yogurt mix packet - expensive!!!

Yogurt Maker

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