Monday, March 7, 2011

Bad Review On Menawan Restaurant, Imperial Palace Hotel Miri

Last Saturday, we went to buy some anchovies (ikan bilis) at Pasar Miri and do some pants shopping for Dayana because she doesn't have any decent pants for our trip to KL. Then, everbody was complaining about how hungry they were and my hubby suggested to bring us to Menawan Restaurant at Imperial Palace Hotel for lunch. It's a new place and my hubby and I love to hunt different places for our gastronomical adventure. True to the name of the restaurant itself (Menawan), it is nice and comfortable and it's quite similar to the other branch of Imperial Hotel's restaurant. And the best part is, the food are cheaper than other hotels with the same rating. They don't offer buffet except for breakfast time.

When we arrived, there were at least 5 to 8 tables occupied and each table only consists of 2 to 4 person per table and most of them are already enjoying their food. We ordered simple fried noodles with egg only, laksa sarawak, nasi lemak with chicken curry, fried rice with shrimp, a big teapot of hot Milo and a big teapot of hot coffee. The maitre 'd repeated our order and walked away. we have to wait for about 10 minutes before the drinks arrived. Then 20 minutes later, they sent nasi lemak. The children were very hungry and I asked the waitress why it's taking such a long time for them to send our orders. She replied that they were many people and that's why it's taking time for the chef to cook. This is totally opposite with the current scenario. I didn't want to cause a scene and I waited again, trying to be patient. The next dish that they sent out was my food, fried rice with shrimp. It's nice but when you're pissed off, you don't have the appetite to enjoy it. I have to share with the kids because their simple fried noodle had not yet arrived. I was about to yell what the hell is so hard about frying a simple dish when they finally sent the noodle, but despite repeating the order twice, they sent the wrong version of the noodle. I don't want to have my kids to wait some more that I just ask them to eat the noodle. The milo was alright but the coffee was terrible. It tasted like 1 teaspoon of instant coffee mixed with a liter of water. Yucks! After finishing our meals, I wanted to make some complaints but the kids were nagging about needing to go to the toilet and Dayana was not feeling good and threw up a little bit. I left the restaurant while my hubby paid the bills and I was so pissed off with the staff (very slow and not friendly except for one or two) that I didn't want to give any smile or thank them for the services.

The first few photos where we were smiling is the part where we didn't about the waiting part that we needed to endure and I only remembered to snap the photo of nasi lemak only because I was very angry. You can see from the photos that many of the tables are empty.

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