Monday, March 21, 2011

Le Meridien KL Hotel

We stayed here for 3 nights during our GP sale KL Vacation. We were supposed to stay there for only 2 nights but due to our mistake (both of my hubby and I agreed to come back to Miri on the 16th March but on that day at 1.30am, we double checked the ticket and found out that our departure flight is on 17th March!), we had to extend to 17th March instead. I had already done packing and was about to lock our bags while my hubby was about to text the driver to pick us up at the airport when we realized the actual date of departure! That was the first time in the history of our vacation (we went for vacation every year) that we came across this silly mistake! My hubby chose Le Meridien hotel because it is opposite to KL Sentral and it would be very easy for us to board the ERL Express to KLIA. Our flight is at 8.30 am, and with 5 kids and 5 bags on tow, this is definitely the most convenient place to stay even though the price was kind of heavy to my dearest hubby's wallet.

Le Meridien hotel is a five star hotel and it is next to Hilton hotel. The security is very tight, where by every vehicles that enter the hotel will be stopped by the security and checked with a some kind of detector, all over the vehicle. If you pass the check point, then you can enter the hotel. We were flabbergasted by the large door and this was the first time for me to see a hotel door that is not see through, you can't see what's inside of the hotel. The lobby was not grand enough but inside the lift, you can hear the natural waterfall streaming sounds or the birds chirping. The doormen was all smiling warmly but as again, we were having some problem with the front desk officer. She was not friendly, we didn't get any smile from her and the best part was when my hubby told her that he wanted to cancel the breakfast for our last night there because we need to check out before 6 am, she flatly turned down our request saying she can't do anything about that. When my hubby insisted of canceling the breakfast, she called someone on the phone and from the conversation, I can see that she was more like telling the person on the phone about the-can't-cancel-breakfast-and-change-the-rate-thingy rather than asking can-they-cancel-breakfast-and-change-the-rate. My hubby said out loud about never experiencing of this kind of problems (hubby always travelling on meeting  purposes and he had stayed at various hotels all over Malaysia) and the Gong Li-brow-officer (that's what I called her) seems like not bothered at all with my hubby's comment.

The funny thing was, when we realized about our mistake of the departure that, my hubby quickly called the front desk office to extend another night and when he asked wether he can get the rate without breakfast, the officer who answered the call said that of course, there's no problem. I'm very pissed by the Gong Li-brow-officer because working at a 5star hotel, you can't just simply make stupid decision or mistake to your customers.

Another problem was when my hubby called the hotel to ask wether there's any shuttle from the hotel to Midvalley Megamall. At that time, we were already at KL Sentral. My hubby called the hotel with his mobile phone and he had to wait for about 2-3 minutes for the person who answered the call to confirmed wether there is any shuttle. My hubby was pissed off by this situation that he started to complain and lash out angry words to the person on the line, because as a staff of the hotel (and the person who answered incoming calls to the hotel), he or she should know all things about the hotel. The person told him that there is no shuttle indeed.

Imported creamer to go with coffee or tea
Our room 1368
Again, another funny part was when we arrived at our room, I called the front office and asked about the shuttle. The person who answered the call said that she will get back to me because she need to check. After waiting for 5 minutes, there's still no call from her and I called back. When I told her I was waiting for her call, she said that line was very busy and yes, there's a shuttle from Le Meridien to Midvalley Megamall but there are only 2 departure time that is at 11.30am and 4.10pm. The shuttle will only send us back at 3.40pm and if we departed from the hotel at 4.10pm, we need to go back to the hotel by our own because the shuttle was provided by The Gardens. I was so confused with the two different answers by the hotel's staffs that I just couldn't be bothered to argue with them anymore.
All in all, the room is small, but they gave us a complimentary extra bed. The teas and coffees were made in France and very luxurious. Again, the housekeeping staff (non local, according to my sister who works at the Immigration Dept., he may be a Viatnamese), was very kind and helpful and he always gave us extra bottles of mineral water and lots of coffees and teas, and other amenities and he never forget to smile. The concierge was very kind because on our checked out day, he helped us to bring the bags right up to MAS check in counter at KL Sentral.

In my opinion, as a 5 star hotel, the management should take extra care about their front desk officers because no matter how grand or luxury is your hotel, we as customers will never come back to stay at your hotel if we experienced unpleasant and unsatisfactory services from your staffs except from the lower lines such as the concierge and housekeeping department. Managers, please take note. Thanks.


Penelope said...

Gong Li-brow-officer?

sexy_diva8272 said...

If I'm not mistaken, her name is Emma or Erma. Her brow looks like Gong Li the actress's brow. It's straight and goes up at the end of the brow. Try google Gong Li's photo.