Sunday, March 20, 2011

Impiana KLCC Hotel

My family and I stayed here at Impiana KLCC Hotel for 4 days and 3 nights. The first impression that I get from this hotel was how helpful were the concierge and driver for helping us out from the taxi, with the bags and even with the kids! But, as soon as we were standing in front of the front desk to check in, all of the 3 front desk officer were not bothered with us and were not even smiling! When my hubby told one of them that he wanted to check in, the officer just ask for his name and details but my hubby told her that the booking were already made by his friend and he even had the booking number. When the officer tried to look for the booking details, she informed my hubby that she needed the voucher that had been used to do the booking from my hubby's friend and she also informed my hubby that the hotel was full and we needed to wait for a vacancy.

The room

My hubby called his friend and his friend told that everything was already arranged when he do the booking and the voucher was not suppose to be a problem but the officer insisted of seeing the voucher. So, after a few minutes of arguing, besides the cynically smiles given by the other 2 officers, my hubby's friend agreed to come even though he had to come all the way from Puchong.


The weight
We waited for the vacant room at the lobby. Minutes past by and it was already half an hour of waiting. We asked the front office about any vacancy but they told us there aren't any. People were already checking out but how come there are no empty room? I was thinking maybe there's other people waiting in line but there are no signs of people waiting for rooms. The kids were getting crankier and for the whole time we were waiting for the room, only the nice driver and the concierge who seems to concern about us. The concierge even told me that if I need to freshen up the kids, I can go to the shower room at level 4. I was touched by their nice gesture but disappointed that it did not came from the front desk officer, who, at my opinion, are the ones who should be entertaining us for our needs. The driver was chatty and he told me that he is from Pahang and had been married to a Sarawakian ,but due to long distance relationship, they were divorced last year. He even told us that he will drive us to Suria KLCC whenever we want to.

The bridge linking to KL Convention Center

On the fully air-con bridge

The best part was, after waiting for almost 2 hours, the driver and the concierge was surprised that we still didn't get our room and they looked pity at our kids. My patience was running off and I talked angrily about the poor service of the front desk officers to my manager with a loud voice and I was pretty damn sure that they overheard of what I was saying because after that, they started to smile at us and even tried to make some effort to say something to me and the kids. I was trying so hard to lash out angry words or even to curse them and after 2 hours of waiting, we managed to get our room. The officer apologized for the delay and she smiled widely to us, contra with what she had done earlier when we didn't get any smile from her.
After arriving in our room, I was pretty amazed by the spacious room and the wood flooring that had been used by the hotel. Our rooms overlooks the unfinished Grad Hyatt Hotel and the kids were playing happily with the big space of the room. It is very modern and I love the bathroom. The housekeeping was very nice, even though he is not a local, I suspect that he is a Viatnamese or a Thai, he gave us extra mineral water bottles and even more amenities, teas and coffees, unlike other hotels that I've been to where those extra things were charged if you asked more for it.
The Bed

The amenities

The amenities
On our 3 day at the hotel, I was puzzled by the red carpet that was being vacuumed and rolled out by the staff and I asked them which VIP was coming and to my surprise, the VIP was a VVIP, the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Syah! He was coming for a private tea break and I was hoping to have a glimpse of him. But luck was not by my side, baby Darwish were very cranky and after attending his needs, the Sultan had already went for his tea breaks. All I can see was his expensive ride (I'm not sure what because I am not very knowledgable about cars) and lots of police traffic's rides.
Staying at Impiana KLCC hotel had given me a big chance to go to my favorite place in KL for 4 times that is Suria KLCC. We even managed to walk to Pavilion, Sungei Wang, BB Plaza and even Jukebox Shoe Shop, situated at the next block from BB and Sungei Wang! Hahahahah.. Just imagine, walking all the way there by foot, with 5 kids on tow! Wow!
All in all, in my opinion, being a 4 star hotel, the accommodation of the hotel was great and satisfactory, the services given by the lower staff such as the driver, the security, the concierge and even the house keeping people were great and tip top BUT the service of the front desk is DEFINITELY VERY POOR and unsatisfactory at all. We even had problems while checking out where we stand at the counter and nobody were attending to us, they were so busy looking down at some-papers-that-I-don't-what-or-they-just-pretending-to-look-busy and after 5 to 10 minutes later, an officer finally served us. I forgot to tell about what happened to the voucher that the officer insisted to see. True to her words, she took the voucher, looked at it for a few seconds and returned it back. WTF!!! Wasting my hubby's friend's time and it looks like she was joking with the matter!

Am I going to stay there again? Maybe? Maybe Not? No definite answer to it because of hard to look for food except for the needs to go to Suria KLCC and the poor service from the front desk. To the front desk officers who reads this, PLEASE CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE! Being at the front desk means you need to attend us, the customers, professionally, warmly and informatively. As far as I'm concern, we never cause any problem or being rude to you and we expect you to do the same. You are not the one who pays the bills. We do. So, we expect to get good service with our payments. Manager, please take note. Thanks!

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