Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tempura Tofu

I bought a packet of Tempura Flour from Ta Kiong last week and that was my first time of buying it. I don't know whether there's other place who sells that Tempura Flour but I can say that after using it, the result is great! I bought it at RM5 per packet because it was nearing the expire date about 2 more weeks. I don't know the original price but my guess is maybe it's under RM10 per packet. I don't really like to eat fried tofu because it has some kind of rubbery texture when you deep fried it but when coated with this Tempura flour, the tofu became totally different! The inside is still intact and the outside is oh-so-crispy!

Imported from Japan Tempura Flour

Tempura Tofu

                              Diva Tempura Tofu

4 pieces of tofu - cut into desired sizes
3 tbsp of Tempura flour mixed with 1/3 cup of water

1. Coat the tofu with tempura batter.
2. Deep fry in batches. Don't fry too many at a time or it won't be crispy. Instead, it will be soggy.
3. Serve hot with sauce of your taste at the side.

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