Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bully in the making

Look at the first picture. That is my Dayana's drawing for her art class. But if you look again very carefully, you'll notice that someone wrote improper and rude words. In case you can't read it, let me tell you what the words are; Pepe* and Kamu makan bab* bab*. The girl who wrote these is an Iban girl sitting in front of Dayana. She even wrote the P word on Dayana's desk. I was waiting for that girl named Julia in her class this morning when I noticed a book with writings which you can see on the second photo. This really pissed me off when I read it! I was so angry and when I saw the girl (everybody in the class knows that I'm waiting for Julia and they pointed Julia to me when she entered the class) I asked her to read what she wrote on Dayana's drawing book. She just kept silence at first and when I demanded her to read it out loud, she read it with a whisper. I asked her why she wrote those words and she just kept silence again. I asked her whether Dayana had done something wrong to her, she shook her head. I asked whether Dayana had ever say any of the words to her, she shook her head again. Then, I show her the second book that she wrote. She bit her lips. I asked her, what is that? She kept silence. AGAIN. I asked her if she have any problem with Dayana being a Muslim and not eating 'the b thing', she shook her head. I told her that this is the kind of thing that will make you turn out to be a racist and a bully. I told her that she can't continuosly saying that to Dayana and she have to respect Dayana and other Muslim students who doesn't eat that thing. I even asked her if she wants to eat that right now, I'll go and buy for her! She shook her head. I also scolded her for writing the P word on Dayana's book and desk and told her that the P thing is a discreet thing and should just be keep inside her panty and not on other people's book or desk. I even talk to her in Iban to make sure she understands everything that I say. I told her, if she keeps on doing this, she'll be a very big bully and will always be in trouble. I told her that I will talk to her parents and the teacher and she shook her head. I asked her to rub those nasty words and she did. I can see that she was raised in an improper surroundings because of her shabby appearance. She maybe neglected by her parents because some of the other parents told me that the girl is naughty and when she arrived at the class, she just throws her back and roaming around til the bell rings, then she'll come back to class. They also told me that the girl doesn't perform very well in her studies and also get scolded by the teachers.
My point in this case is I don't want my daughter to learn bad words from her friends because at home, we never say those words. If any adult at my home accidently cursing or swearing the bad words, I'll tell my children that those words are bad and rude and I'll chilli the person's lips (this is to show them how bad those words are). My second point is, I want my daughter to see that these kind of attitude will grow even worse and make the person becomes a bad person in the future. I told her that we need to respect other people's religion and their beliefs and never argue with them about their religion's teaching because religion is a sensitive issue. My third point is I don't want my daughter to be a bully victim and makes her scared to go to school. I want her to know that I will do anything to protect her. This also goes the same with all of my children. I believe that if every parents do their best in bringing up their children, there will never be a problem of racism or other negative things (yes, we can see the best example from the viral video about the KFC at iCity).
On my way back to my car, I stumbled with Dayana's teacher. I tried to look for her the first thing when I reached school but she haven't arrived yet. I told her about the incident and show her the proof and she promised to take action. I hope that this incident will be a very good lesson for these students. PEACE NO WAR!
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