Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paratha Roll with Dhall and Cheese

Hot paratha on the pan

I got this idea from Hot and Roll at Bintang Mega Mall, Miri. My kids love to eat the parathas and crispy crepes but for me, I LOVE the parathas. I asked the staff where do they they get the parathas from and they told me that their parathas are specially ordered from KL. One of the staff told me to look for the parathas at any supermarket but I have to choose wisely in order to get the exact parathas like them (fluffy and not too chewy). I've tried Kawan's parathas before but the taste does not resemble the Hot and Roll parathas. So, I went to Boulevard hypermarket last Sunday and bought Lazat's parathas because it's on promotion price! One packet which consists of 5 parathas plus free dhall is only RM4.59! I bought 2 packet only because I'm not sure whether it's delicious or not. So, today I cooked the paratha which only takes about 2 minutes and gave the kids as their provision to school and made myself one hot Diva paratha roll with dhall and cheese. And to my delight, it tasted AMAZING! Hehehehe... NICE and YUMMY! And what makes it so superb is that you can do this within 5 minutes! It's nice to be eaten while it's hot and of course with a cup of black coffee (I'm drinking AA coffee that I bought from Boulevard hypermarket which is freshly ground on demand and it taste so nice and so aromatic).

Diva Paratha Roll with Dhall and Cheese.

1 packet of Lazat's Paratha with dhall

Cheese of you choice (I'm using Kraft's Shredded Parmesan, Romano and Asiago Cheese)

1. Cook the paratha as per instruction on the packet. As for me, I grilled in on a non stick pan (I bought for only RM15 at Ikea), each side for about 15-20 seconds, depending on your stove's heat.
2. Pour the dhall as much as your want, for me I pour 3 tablespoons, on the paratha sheet.
3. Sprinkle the cheese as generously as you want.
4. Fold two times into a triangle.
5. Ready to be eaten hot with a cup of coffee. YUMMY!!!

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