Monday, February 20, 2012

Cencaluk Diva

OMG! I can't believe that I actually make Cencaluk! Successfully! Hahahahha.. My hubby bought 3 kg of bubok for RM10. I was so worried seeing these beautiful bubok because I don't know what to do with it! I make some fritters and I was thinking hard of what to do then I had this idea of making cencaluk. I never make cencaluk, so I tried to google for the recipe. The recipes was very weird because it calls for the using of rice / porridge's water. So, I called my sister in law, Halisa and asked her to ask her mother on how to do it. Her mother told me to mix bubok and cooking salt with a little bit of sugar. That's all. She told me that if I am not hygienic enough or not adding enough salt, the bubuk will turn bad and full with maggot. I was so afraid for my precious bubok and after 2 days of waiting, the outcome was successful. Hooray! Alhamdulilllah! Cencaluk is nice to be eaten with raw vegetables such as long beans or any ulam-ulaman.
So, here's the way to make cencaluk diva style!

Cencaluk Diva

2 kg of bubok
Half a packet of cooking salt (just a small packet, I used half a pack of Himalaya Rock Salt that costs about RM3.20 per packet)
4 tbsps sugar

1. Mix everything well with a ladle.
2. Keep the cencaluk in a bottle and line the cover with a piece of paper before covering it.
3. Keep it in room temperature for 2 days and if it started to produce some water and no sign of maggots, then your cencaluk is ready to be eaten! Then, you can keep it in the fridge.

How to eat cencaluk?
1. Mix 4 tbsp of cencaluk with 6 limes (dice the lime and squeeze the juice), 1 tsp of sugar, and any amount of chillies that you want.

2. Eat it with raw cucumber, long beans or any vegetables that you want or simply eat it with hot rice. Oh so yummy!!! :)

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