Friday, November 12, 2010

Laksa Lobster Sarawak

I've made this meal a couple of weeks before but didn't manage to post an entry of it so enjoy eating this laksa version of mine.

                                                    Laksa Lobster Sarawak Diva

1 packet of bihun
1 packet of 450gm laksa sarawak paste (Cap Helang is the BEST)
50 cent taugeh
4 eggs
1 kg lobster - cleaned
1 packet of coconut powder / 250ml coconut milk
1 piece of chicken breast - boil and shred to pieces
Salt, sugar to taste
3 tbs of tarmarind juice (the thicker the better)
1 stalk of coriander leaves (daun ketumbar) - sliced into pieces

1. Boil the laksa sarawak paste per instruction on the packet. Add in the flavors and coconut milk to taste. When its boiled, add in the lobsters and turn off the heat as soon as the lobsters cooked. Do not overcook the lobster.
2. Beat all of the eggs and fry it. Then, cut into pieces. Put in a bowl.
3. Boil the taugeh til cook. Strain. Put in a bowl.
4. Boil the bihun. Strain and put aside.
5. Boil and shred the chicken into small pieces. Put in a bowl.
6. Get a big bowl and assemble it to fit one potion of meal that is enough for one person and add bihun, taugeh, chicken, eggs, the laksa soup, lobster and some coriander leaves.

Enjoy while it's hot!

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