Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mommy Brain

Being Spaced Out, Forgetful Aren't the Only Changes That Come With Motherhood...

I came across this caption while I was searching about mummy brain. So, what is mummy brain?Mommy Brain used to describe that spacey-deprived state when new moms tend to forget things and act scatterbrained -- may not be the whole story on what happens to women's brains after giving birth. I realized that my memory seems so poor that I can forget things just in a blink of the eye. This is frightening me because after watching a Hindustan movie called U,Me Aur Hum where the movie revolves around the story of a doctor (husband) has to face the wife's illness; Alzheimer. And I'm pretty sure after delivering 5 babies in 7 years of marriage have taken its toll on my memory!

I've Googled everywhere to find out more about mommy brain and this is the best info that I've found and want to share with all mums out there. And to dads: Be more alert to your wife and love your wife dearly. Don't simple get angry on small matters especially when your wife seems so forgetful because that comes in the package of motherhood. Accept the fact that your wife is sacrificing her memory to become a mother to your children. I'm totally pissed off by husbands who doesn't care and appreciate their wives and never conscious about the wives' well being. Typical man's attitude. 

While neuroscientists confirm it is a very real issue resulting from powerful endocrine and brain chemistry shifts, I suspect an equally likely culprit is how many things are vying for my time and attention. As we know, running a household, raising our children, and managing the needs of a typical family easily can send the sharpest of us into mental meltdown. Here are six realistic strategies to employ that will set us up for a smoother day and strengthen our mental muscle.

1. Keep connecting. There is a strong connection between maintaining healthy friendships and improved mental health, including memory and focus

2. Move the body, strengthen the mind.Being physically active is essential to keep our minds well oxygenated and our brain connections strong.

3. Use structure. A system for routine, everyday things can be a tremendous help for scattered minds.

4. Brain workouts. Brain teasers, word puzzles, and logic problems are fantastic for your mind.

5. Good night, sleep tight. The truth is, whether or not we get it, enough sleep is key for our health, both physical and mental.

6. Food for thought. There are many foods that are excellent for a healthy brain such as bluebery, healthy fats, cocoa beans.

My final thoughts: Just embrace motherhood and everything that comes with it, then you'll see the bright side of it and how beautiful your life is as a mother to your children.

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