Friday, April 1, 2011

Crispy Popia Seaweed

 I was so excited when I first got this recipe from my sister's ex-boyfriends cousin who is also the girlfrined of my friend's brother. I bought this popia seaweed that was made by her mom at Pesta Tanjong and I asked the recipe from her. I bought the roasted Yaki Nori (seaweed) from E-mart supermarket and the yako nori had been seasoned so I decided not to season the popia seaweed after I finished frying it.

                                           Crispy Popia Seaweed

Kulit popia/ spring roll 
1 egg - beaten
Yaki Tori (seaweed, any brand that you want)
Perencah nasi goreng cina Seri Aji 
Oil for frying

Yaki Nori
1. Heat oil in wok. You need to reach the right temperature in order to minimize the oil absorption. If you have a kitchen thermometer (I don't have any but decided to look for one), it's best to reach 350 degrees fahrenheit so that the popia seaweed won't turn up to be too oily.

Finished assembling
1. Lay down a piece of kulit popia then brush it with egg using a pastry brush.
2. Line up the sea weed or Yaki Nori, depending how you want it to be. In my case, I just pur the whole seaweed on top of the kulit popia. Then, brush it with egg.
3. Cover it with another piece of kulit popia.
4. Cut it in any shape you want.
5. Fry it in batches, depending on how big is your wok. Don't over crowd the wok or your popia won't get crispy! And this is also a reason why the popia becomes too oily. Patience is very much needed here. Drain the oil on the popia using a high quality kitchen paper/tissue or a wire rack.

Frying process
6. After finished, put the popia seaweed inside a container and pour the content of perencah nasi goreng cina Seri Aji, TO TASTE. Don't over pour or it will turn out to be too salty. Close the container and give it a nice shake.
7. Enjoy!

Crispy popia seaweed

Tips to avoid oily popia seaweed:

1. Always make sure the oil are hot enough or if you have a kitchen thermometer, it must reach 350 degrees fahrenheit.
2. Every time you finished taking out the batches of popia, you have to wait for a while before putting in the next batch because the temperature of the oil had lower down after each frying. 
3. The best thing to use to drain the oil is wire rack. If not, you can also use high quality kitchen paper/tissue.

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