Friday, April 1, 2011

E-Mart Market

I went to E-Mart Market yesterday right after fetching Dayana from school. I went there to look for bunga kantan or torch ginger because I was thinking of making the ever famous nasi kerabu today. It's my first attempt of making it and I hope I can nail it. Back to the story. So, I brought baby Darwish along because he's very clingy, besides he needs the breasts. Hehehe..

My groceries

After parking, I immediately took the trolley and went inside the supermarket at first to buy some cat's foods for my father's cat. Although I'm not a cat fan, I pity my father for caring too much on the cats. I can understand his loneliness after my mum passed away almost 5 years back due to cervical cancer and the cats are always there with him whenever h's outside either gardening or just taking fresh air. I also bought Yaki Tori (seaweed) and kulit popia or spring roll to make the crispy popia seaweed and some groceries for the kitchen. E-Mart gave me 10 KFC saving coupons because for every RM20 you spent, you will get 2 KFC coupons.
Outside E-mart market
After paying at the counter, we went outside where the wet and vegetables market are sold. I bought some vegetables like midin, paku pakis, bunga kantan, long beans, kaffir limes, petai (hubby's favorite), bananas and others. I bought the long beans from a girl aged 8 to 9 years old. She's pretty, fair skin and very thin. When she smiles, her teeth were all stain like it hadn't been brushed for a long time. I asked her if she skip school today but she answered shyly that she never went to school. I asked her if the stall was her mom's but she answered she worked there for other people. I really pitied her. I was wondering where was her mom at that time but I don't want to ask too many question for fearing of discomforting her or even worse, hurting her feelings.

The mom with the trolley baby

I walked further more when suddenly I heard baby screaming. I was searching for the baby, and there she was, inside a shopping trolley, waiting for her mom who was one of the vegetable sellers, making milk for her. And there in front of me, a mom also one of the sellers, was swinging her baby to sleep inside a baby's swing or as it is known in Sarawak as uyut. I admire these moms because even though they are busy selling vegetables in order to get some money for their family, they still bring their child and attend the children's need and not abandon them or relying to other people's help to take care of their children. Maybe they don't have extra money to send the children to a proper place like nursery, but from there you can see how much they love their children because they can make the impossible (taking care of a child in a place with limited facilities is a big challenge) to possible.

Noble but very rare to find nowadays

My heart goes out to all the babies in world who had been abandoned by their heartless moms and I hope that Allah will punish them greatly just like what they had done cruelly on their babies and I also hope that Allah will bless all the moms and dads of course, who had taken good care and love their children unconditionally.

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