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Nasi Kerabu Diva

Nasi Kerabu Diva
This is a popular dish from Kelantan and after eating it for the first time (I bough it during charity sale at my old school), I was instantly determined to make it on my own. What I didn't do was the kuah sambal budu because I don't know where to find budu here in Miri and from my knowing of what budu is, I don't think I'm keen on eating it, let alone preparing it to this dish. I googled from the internet but most of the recipe looks like amateurish to me, and thank God, I found the recipe in Rasa magazine, February 2011 issue. For the Sambal Kelapa, I didn't get to go to the fish market to look for ikan kembung, so, I use canned Giant tuna chunk in soy bean oil, which I bought at Giant. As for the coconut, I used packed desiccated coconut for baking that can be easily found at supermarkets or baking shops. It was instanly a hit at my home, including among the kids and guess what? The rice had only left a quarter inside the rice cooker and my hubby had not yet taste it because he's not back yet from Kota Kinabalu. For the coloring of  the rice, the recipe calls for bunga talang but I never heard about it let alone see it so I use blue coloring. The best part was my soon to be 10 months old baby Darwish also loves to eat the rice with the sambal kelapa! Even my brother suggested me to sell it at Prison Department's canteen! Hahahaha.. So much about my love in cooking.

Desiccated coconut with Giant Tuna in soybean oil

                                           Nasi Kerabu Diva

2 cups rice (add more if you want to cook for a large family)
1/2 tsp of blue coloring (always use Star Brand for the best quality) 
2 cups water (add more depending on how many cups of rice you're cooking)

1. Wash the rice from any debris. Drain the water.
2. Add water accordingly to how many cups oof rice you're using.
3. Add in coloring and stir well.
4. Cook as usual inside a rice cooker or you can steam it to your liking.

Blue rice
Sambal Kelapa
60 gm or 1 cup of desiccated coconut or kelapa parut (you can add more if you want)
2 ekor ikan kembung (roasted and take out the fillet) /  I use 1 can of First Choice tuna chunk in soy bean oil
1 serai / lemongrass
2 red onions
1 clove of garlic
3cm of ginger
Salt and sugar to taste

1. Chop lemongrass, onion, garlic and ginger.
2. Blend everything together inside a blender.
3. Fry it oil-less (without oil), preferably using a non-stick pan until it's golden brown and season it well with salt and sugar.
4. Put aside.

sambal kelapa

Fried chicken
3 pcs of chicken thigh or any parts of chicken you want - chop into desired size
3 cm ginger - chop
1 big onion - chop
1 lemongrass - chop
1 cm of turmeric powder
Salt and sugar to taste

1. Blend lemongrass, ginger and onion together.
2. Rub on chicken and season with salt and sugar. Add in turmeric powder and rub. Marinate it for 1/2hour to 1 hour.
3. Fry it as usual batch by batch.
4. Put aside.

Salted eggs - boil and cut half

Ulam kerabu
RM1 long beans
2 stalk of bunga kantan / ginger torch
2 lemongrass

1. Slice thinly everything. If you want to eat it raw, serve as it is.
2. In my case, I saute the vegetables for a while with a little bit of olive oil.
3. Put aside.

Ulam kerabu

Sambal budu (optional)
200 ml coconut milk
3 pcs of dried chili
2 red onion 
1 clove of garlic
1 tbsp of turmeric juice
3 tbsp budu
Salt and Sugar to taste

1. Blend red onion, garlic and chili.
2. Boil the coconut milk until it's separated from the oil.
3. Add in the blended paste, turmeric juice, budu, sugar and salt to taste.
4. Put aside.

To assemble:
1. Cup out 1 bowl of rice inside a plate. Take one piece of chicken and salted egg and put beside the rice.
2. Sprinkle the sambal kelapa on top of the rice.
3. Take a spoonful of ulam kerabu and sambal budu (if you are using it).
4. Serve while hot.

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