Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce Spanish Mackerel (tenggiri) with Torch Ginger (bunga kantan)

I continue with my last post. So, after we're back from groceries shopping, I prepared beef lasagne and Sweet Chilli Sauce Spanish Mackerel (tenggiri) with Torch Ginger (bunga kantan) and bunga kunyit (I don't know what it's called in English). When cooking with earrings dangling on my ears, my Chanel's perfume wandering around filling the air of my kitchen's, I really felt like Nigella Lawson, just that I'm much younger version with LOTS of kids. Hahahahha...

Just to cut off the cooking story for a while, let me tell you something interesting about what happened when we went shopping at Bintang Megamall. They were 8 different people (doesn't include their family or spouses) who were really shocked to see me dragging my kids around while shopping and the first reaction were always the same. THEY WILL START COUNTING MY KIDS AND LOOKED AT ME WITH DISBELIEF! They'll ask where is my helper and when I replied I have none, they will shook their head and asked,"How did you manage with all of them and are you still thinking of adding more?". Hahahahahhah....... Sometimes, before they finished counting, I'll straight away said, "FIVE!". And to answer their second question, this is what I've answered, "I'm still in the process of making baby number 6!". This is true, you know, I AM making baby number 6 with Allah's will, so just stay tune. If you can see those people's faces! So, enough of the story and let's get back to our recipe.

How did I create this recipe? The other day, we ate Ulam Bunga Kunyit, but they sambal had finished so I decided to finish up the bunga kunyit by doing my own recipe. So, here it goes!

    Diva's  Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce Spanish Mackerel (tenggiri) with Torch Ginger (bunga kantan) 

8 pieces of Spanish Mackerel (tenggiri) , you can add more or lessen it
Turmeric powder (serbuk kunyit)
Corn flour (tepung jagung)
4 pieces of garlic - diced
1 whole piece of torch ginger (bunga kantan) - sliced
5 whole pieces of bunga kunyit - sliced
4 tbsp Thai sweet chili sauce - you can use any brand, I used Suri brand
1 cup of water
Salt to taste

1. Clean the fishes and coat it with corn flour and turmeric powder.
2. Deep fry the fishes til finish.
3. In another pot, saute garlic til brown and add the sliced bunga kantan and bunga kunyit. Add in water.
4. Add in Thai sweet chili sauce and season it with salt to taste.
5. When it's boiled, turn off the heat and pour the sauce on top of the fishes.
6. Enjoy it with nasi aruk (oil-less fried rice).

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