Friday, October 8, 2010

Kainon Dryer

Kainon Dryer
It's been raining almost everyday now in Miri. Before this, I'll be very worried with the weather because with 5 children plus my husband and I and my father, you can imagine how many clothes are there per day. But this is not a problem anymore because 2 weeks before Hari Raya, my hubby bought a dryer with Kainon brand. Never heard of it but it's from China. It's around RM8++ and it serves it purpose as a dryer so satisfyingly. I suggest to every mother and wife out there who can afford to buy a dryer, please do so because it does do wonder to your laundry chore by cutting the worries about where to hang your clothes when there's no sun everyday. With this dryer, I no longer worry about the weather as I used to, just worry about the electricity bill. Hehehehe... :) Just kidding.

P.S: If you read this hubby, I'm so grateful that you bought this dryer because it really helps me. Thank you so much and I love you so.....


Anonymous said...

Hahaha....Ur sister in law also planning to buy one soon...coz Kuching rains a lot more. Its hard if it rains a lot. Great buy sis, so next time in Miri my baju dries up faster? ;)

Anonymous said...

My dear Miza....congratulation on your new dryer. It will surely make your job a lot easier as a very busy mom. Funny that how little things that our husband do can make us soooo happy. Believe me....I never thought that I will be so happy when my hubby bought me a new set of All Clad cooking pots.....feel like his buying me a pot of gold....hahahah. Anyway...just a little adviced about your new dryer. Please make sure that you always clean the lint catcher inside your dryer and check your dryer hose at least once every 6 months because it can accumilate a lot of dust and lint from the clothings you dried and it can be a fire hazard. The dryer hose that I am talking about is located at the backside of your dryer....the one that attach to your dryer and than maybe goes to the outside part of you house. Have fun with your new dryer....sometime when I,m baking bread I will put the dough on top of my dryer while its drying cloths so my dough can rise quickly bcoz of the heat it created inside my laundry room. Talk to you again and keep up the good work on your reading it:)

sexy_diva8272 said...

abg ezam: wah... gud la u my sis in law want to buy a dryer so next time i can crash at ur place to dry our clothes.

dearest somebody with the all clad pots:
thanx for the great advice on the dryer. yes, i've been cleaning the filter inside the dryer but i never know about the hose because it's not inside the manual. so, tomorrow i'll check the hose just to be at the safe side. btw, i really agree with you about that funny little gifts from our beloved husband. at least, they think about us, the wives, right? hahaha.. really want to get to know you better so maybe u can leave your email address?