Saturday, July 23, 2011

Children's Famine In Somalia: AN EYE OPENER!

I was reading the online news when my eyes caught the headline that read : Children Famine in Somalia. I cried looking at the pictures of small children, who where so malnourished that they don't look like a human at all. For photos, you can go to the UNICEF page. This is a message from UNICEF Executive Director, David Bull:

Dear Supporter,
I am writing to ask for your support in moving the news agenda on.
The story about phone hacking does matter, but there’s another, far bigger and vital story that’s going under-reported.
This morning, the United Nations formally declared a famine in parts of southern Somalia. 
Right now, today, children in East Africa are facing a desperate crisis caused by prolonged drought, soaring food prices and conflict.
This is the story that matters most. This crisis is getting worse and we need to act now, to save lives.
Children and women are the most vulnerable.
More than 2 million children under five in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are acutely malnourished, including almost 500,000 children who are suffering from life-threatening severe acute malnutrition. 
UNICEF is the main provider of ready to use therapeutic food in all three countries, but we desperately need more funds in order to help us reach every child
If you agree that this is the story, help UNICEF to do more, right now. Please donate by visiting this page or clicking on the red donate icon on the top-right of this page. 
Whatever you do, please make saving children’s lives the story. 
Thank you.
David Bull is the Executive Director of UNICEF UK.

Feed the needy

As a mother, it hurts to see these children in Somalia, dying from hunger where as we are so lucky to eat at anytime we want. I couldn't imagine if my children had to go through this situation and I pray to Allah that nothing bad will ever happen to my children and I aslo pray for those children in Somalia. I hope that anyone who read this post will do anything that they can do to help those children in Somalia. Just like the tagline in UNICEF page : Denying child rights is wrong. Put it right. 

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