Monday, July 11, 2011

Diva Sweet and Sour Prawn with Pineapple

This is what I cooked today for lunch. There is nothing much left in the freezer so this is the best meal I can pull for lunch today.

                           Diva Sweet and Sour Prawn with Pineapple.

500gm prawn - de-shell the prawn but leave the tail intact
1 big onion - sliced
1 ginger - sliced
4 chillies - sliced
Some pineapple depending how much you like - chop
2 tomatoes - chopped
4 tbsp of thai chilli sauce
4 tbsp of tomato sauce
Cukup rasa / salt to taste

1. Sautee onion, ginger and chillies til brown and fragrant. 
2. Add in pineapple and tomato. Stir for a while.
3. Add in prawn and stir again.
4. Add in Thai chilli sauce and tomato sauce and season it with cukup rasa or salt to taste.
5. Turn off the heat when it's just cooked. Don't let the prawn to overcooked!
6. Serve hot with rice. Yummy!

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