Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diva Popia Nestum

I made this for my kids while they play inside the inflatable pool. This is my first time making it and the outcome is awesome! I decide to make it for this coming Hari Raya.  Enjoy!

                     Diva Popia Nestum

1 packet of popia pastry, big size (the best brand is FIGO - give it a try and you will know why)
1 egg - beaten and set aside
2 cups nestum - blend
1/2 cup horlicks or milk powder
1/2 castor sugar
A straw
A pair of scissors 

1. Mix blended nestum, horlicks or milk powder and sugar inside a bowl and put aside.
2. Take one piece of popia pastry. Then, put a straw at the first end of the popia pastry. Make sure to leave the straw a little bit outside of the popia pastry.
3. Roll until it's about 5 cm of the end of the pastry. Use a pastry brush to brush egg at the end before you finish the roll of the pastry. Then take out the straw. Put aside.
4. Roll all of the sheets until finish. Then, use a pair of scissors to cut all of the pastry roll slanting.

5. Fry them just like you fry normal popia but be careful not to burn them.
6. Drain the oil with kitchen tissue paper.
7. Put the fried popia inside an air tight container (I use tupperware) and pour the mix of nestum, horlicks/milk powder and sugar on the popia.
8. Close the container and give it a shake but then shake them vigorously or you will break the popia.
9. Ready to be eaten. Yummy!!!

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june said...

Want to try n thanks a lot for sharing this great recipe..want to surprise my kids with this popia snack... :D