Monday, July 18, 2011

Matters of the Heart

I bought this book last March and didn't get a chance to read it. It was written by Danielle Steel, my most favorite author, next to Judith McNaught, Nicholas Spark and Sophie Kinsella. It only took me 2 days to finish it because the story was so great that I only read it at night, so that I won't be disturbed by the kids whilst reading the book. It felt like I was watching a movie, every time I read a great book.

The story was about a woman falling deeply and madly in love with a sociopath. She didn't know that he was a sociopath until she discovered the lies that he had told her, one by one. I won't give anymore details as I don't want to ruin other people's reading this book.

After finishing the book last night, I quickly googled about sociopath criminals and I was shocked to find out that there are so many sociopath criminals in this world particularly in the U.S! I gave a deep thought on some crime cases in Malaysia, especially those on kidnapping, sexual abusing and murdering children, and I can see the pattern of a sociopath killer in these cases. Not that I'm some kind of a detective but, if you read this book and make more research on sociopath criminals, you can see what I meant.

According to wikipedia:
sociopath is somebody who exhibits sociopathy, who behaves in a way that suggests a lack of conscience. Unlike the average human, a sociopath does not feel any sense of guilt or remorse when committing morally wrong actions or actions that their society deems unacceptable. Because of this utter lack of fear for the sanctions of society, sociopaths take advantage of the social system and use manipulation and amoral behaviors to obtain their goals. The types of behaviors they exhibit are those that would make someone with a conscience uncomfortable.

The target of a sociopath is usually those people who are lonely and easily trusting other people, no question asked. And with modern technologies like internet and social networking, there are more and more victim of sociopath, due to the excitement of meeting new people especially from other countries. My best advice is, please be careful when meeting new friend, especially virtually because a sociopath is not someone to be mess around and they are usually undetectable!

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