Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blog Layout

At Miri Marriot Resort and Spa
A friend of mine asked me what was it with my blog layout background. I asked her, "Which part?" She answered, "The bed and lamp stuff." Hahahhaahah.. Finally, there's someone out there who were wondering about my blog's background. I have this 'LOVE' of hotels. I just love being in a hotel, any hotel, as long as it's hotel because I have a secret wish that I've kept for as long as I remember, that is being a hotelier. But, it's not easy to be a hotelier because you have to be super rich or having a super big connection with lots of people. I love wandering from one hotel to another,  just to see their surroundings and if I have the chances to sleep in one of the rooms, I always wonder to myself, if it's my hotel, what will I change and add to make it more reliable and beautiful. Well, as my hubby once told me, dreams are free and you can dream whatever you want, as long as it's not wrong in our religion.

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