Thursday, December 23, 2010

Diva Porridge

I've made this special porridge for lunch yesterday but didn't got the time to post it. It's special because instead of just making plain porridge, I gave a little twist by adding a little Kari Kurma powder. GIve it a try and your family will love it! My kids really love it that they had several servings of the porridge.

Kurma Porridge

Sardine and salted eggs

                             Diva Porridge with Sardine and Salted Egg

2 cups of rice
4 litres of water, add more if needed
Rempah tumis - cloves, cinnamon, cardamom seeds
5 tbsp Kari Kurma powder 
Onion and ginger - sliced thinly
Maggi Cukup Rasa or chicken stock cube - to taste

1. Saute onion and ginger with the rempah tumis.
2. Add in kari kurma powder. Stir well.
3. Add in washed rice and water. Let it cooked. Then add in the seasoning, to taste.

A can of Sardine (I use Ayam Brand)
Sliced onion and chili
2 tbsp of thai sauce
4tbsp water

1. Saute onion and chili til brown.
2. Add in thai sauce and water. Let it boil.
3. Add in canned sardine. When it's boiled, put in a bowl. Set aside.

Salted eggs- boiled and cut into half (depends on how many people eating)

When everythings ready, assemble accordingly. Enjoy while it's warm.

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