Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mee Jawa

My hubby went for a meeting at Kuching today and at first place, he told me that he's going back this late evening. Alas, he didn't make it because the meeting ends at 4.30pm and the last flight from Kuching to Miri without any stop departs at 4.30pm. So, he had to spend the night at Pullman Hotel, Kuching. I've made Mee Jawa with neck bone because he loves to eat it but he's not here to enjoy it. Luckily, my kids loves the Mee Jawa minus the neck bone. I should have garnish the Mee Jawa with coriander leaves, sliced chili and fried onions but I don't have any of them in stock. Anyway, enjoy.


                                                        Diva Mee Jawa

1 kg yellow mee (depends on how many person eating) - boiled then strain
1 kg neck bone - boiled til tender, with a little bit of rempah tumis
2 medium size sweet potato - boiled til tender, then mashed
1 packet of Mee Jawa powder
Sugar, salt and seasoning to taste
4 boiled eggs (depends on how many person eating) then cut into 2 each
Coriander leaves, chilli - sliced for garnishing
Fried onions for garnishing
Taugeh - boiled then strained

1.  After making all of the necessary preparations according to the list above, mix the mashed sweet potato inside the pot of the neck bone soup.
2. Stir well and and add in the Mee Jawa powder. Stir and let it thicken a bit then add in sugar, salt and seasoning to taste.
3. Assemble the noodle, taugeh, egg in a bowl then pour a few ladles of the soup and some neck bone then garnish it with coriander leaves, chili and fried onions. Serve hot.

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